Thursday, October 20, 2011

Newest Member Of The D.O.C. ?

Newest Member of The D.O.C.??

Coincidence, fact or potential new plot line?
You be the judge!

Saw this ad at the Doctor's office & laughed out loud, BIG TIME.
I just couldn't resist tearing it out and posting!!!
And seriously, part of me wants to write: GUILTY AS CHARGED.

The Diabetes On-Line Community is EVERYWHERE!


George said...

Every time I see that ad I think, What if House was a PWD?!?


Mike Hoskins said...

Kelly, my friend, this seriously just MADE MY DAY and got one of the first laughs I've been able to have. The DOC is everywhere, possibly even in the D-O-C. You rock. Laughter is, indeed, incredibly awesome (cough cough, #dsma... cough)

Anonymous said...

I thought about our DOC when I watched the season opener of House and saw DOC.

I hadn't seen that ad!