Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Diabetes Hasn't Made Me A Delicate Flower

And when I say "I," please keep in mind that I mean "WE."


Diabetes Fact: I didn't brake my pancreas, and the fact that it doesn't work hasn't broken me.

Are there moments when I feel broken and out of sync? Yes there are, but every person has those moments, diabetes or not - So don’t be so quick to blame.

There are moments of diabetes frustration and anger, and there are moments of diabetes acceptance and laughter, and a million life moments in between.

There are moments of living my life with diabetes where I’m standing tall and moments where I stumble and struggle.

There are moments where I fall down, and force myself to get back up and move forward in my life, and my life with diabetes.

The fact that I’m unable to produce insulin hasn’t made me a “delicate flower,” but being unable to produce insulin has made me an incredibly “diligent, aware & strong perennial flower.”

A perennial flower that can weather any storm - And continue to grow and become.

I am resilient, regardless of the elements that accompany each season ~

Monarch surrounded by purple perennials


Rachel said...

Yeah, you are definitely far from a delicate flower - you are tough and strong, one of the people to look up to most in the DOC!!

Abby said...

This is one of those "I've been feeling that but didn't realize it" kind of posts, so thank you Kelly! My roommate told me the other day he feels like he has superpowers because he knows the carbs in everything, so if anything diabetes gives us superpowers, er, something :)

Also, daffodils are my favorite flowers :)

Colleen said...

You're one of the strongest ladies I've never met - maybe someday...
I am so glad you wrote this.

Jules said...

i love the analogy.

Kathy said...

I like this! I do believe that strength and endurance are the only positive things to come out of having diabetes. And I have to add that parents of diabetic children gain these things as well.