Thursday, November 3, 2011

Three Chicks WIth Diabetes Walk Into A Bar....

And A Fantastical Time Was Had By All~
Left to right, Kelly, Babs & LeeAnn
Photo courtesy of my iPhone & the waitress who was ever so patient and kind

Today I had the pleasure of finally meeting & having lunch with the amazing Babs Campbell for the very first time ever & the wonderful LeeAnn Thill - Who I've met a boatload of times and I just love her!

The conversation never stopped, we laughed and laughed often - And there's a very good chance that I may have convinced Babs to dye her hair blue for World Diabetes Day... But you didn't here that from me!

Babs is what we in Jersey would call "good people." She's funny, bright, caring, articulate and from the heart. We'd never met in real life before, but our conversation never skipped a beat. I am so glad I had the opportunity.
Diabetes Meet-ups are not only fantastical, they are another incredible benefit of being part of the Diabetes On-Line Community.

When you're with people who speak the language of diabetes fluently and with love, understanding, and more than a side of sauciness, a wonderful time is sure to follow!

PS: To SimonPalooza NYC contingency the Canadian DOC Crew From August, I haven't forgotten about the wonderful time we spent together!
And I want to thank each of you from the bottom of my broken pancreas for being so understanding with all that happened with my mother's health when I got home. Your posts are being written and will be up soon!


Cara said...

We call them "good people" in the south as well. :)

Jess said...

Yay! Babs is FANTASTIC!!! I'm so glad that you and Lee Ann were able to meet her! :)

Colleen said...

Blue, really??? Yay Barb!
She really is "good people."
And so are you and Lee Ann!

Sara said...

I already love Babs but if she dyes her hair blue, I think I will become her #1 fan.

Isn't she just great? Actually - all three women in that picture are pretty great!

Meri said...

Meeting with people that "get it" is priceless! So glad you got to have a nice afternoon with the people inside your computer, outside your computer!

Lee Ann Thill said...

It was such a great afternoon, definitely going to be a top highlight of Diabetes Month 2011! I'm excited you nudged Babs to dye her hair. I can't wait to see her new D-themed do!!

Scully said...

Lovely post!
It was too hard to write about our meet-up in August because of the emotional turmoil with your mother. I couldn't do it so I didn't do it.
I was just wondering yesterday if you have any pictures you can send me from that night?

babscampbell said...

Thanks everyone for your love and kind comments. When I first found the DOC, Kelly's and Lee Ann's blogs were the first I followed regularly. I never, in a million years, thought someday, I'd be the subject matter and that I would've met these genuine, lovely ladies. It was truly my honor.

It has been so wonderful to meet so many "good people" these past two years and find even more in common besides the "D". Which, after all, is how deep, meaningful friendships are built.

I'm shopping for hair dye tomorrow. . .we'll git 'er done and post photos.

**geez, Kelly, I'm so glad we didn't discuss tattoos! LOL**

shannon said...

lookit those three awesome ladies! :)