Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Did She???

I know that diabetes runs on both sides of my family, I was just more aware of my father's family history because I was actually around to get meet my Aunts & cousins.
I knew that my mom's grandfather had type 2 and there'd always been rumblings about others who had type 1 - But they were never mentioned by name.
There's a chance I'm being overly dramatic here - It's been known to happen.
Still, I can't help but wonder~

Last night as I was sorting through boxes and boxes of family pictures , I saw something that stopped me cold.

At the bottom of a box sat an ancient family portrait of a mother and her 6 daughters posing for a family portrait.
The youngest daughter was sitting on her mother's lap, and she was frail; skinny, with spindly legs and was bundled up more than her sisters.

And yes, I went THERE.
Because all I could think was, did My Great Grandmother's little sister have diabetes?

And then I started to cry just a little bit.
Because if she did, I knew that she didn't make it to her next birthday.

I'm probably just overreacting, And I'm definitely PMSing.
Which of course explains the overreacting part.


Unknown said...

I hope and pray you are wrong, that she was okay... just maybe not feeling well for some other reason. But it's hard not to think that seeing the picture.

Penny said...

Oh sweetie, we always pray that it's not the case. I do see a mom who loves that child, cuddling her on her lap. Brings up lots of emotions...

Mike Hoskins said...

I too hope that's not the case. There is the genealogy path you could explore if you really wanted to know... but sometimes that stuff is better left unknown... like Penny I see the same thing first: a mom who loves her daughter and her children.

The Diabetic Camper said...

Crazy stuff you see when we look at our old family photos. I looked like "Baby Boota" and then was skinny when diagnosed. Good Luck.

Unknown said...


It's hard to think what that might have been like.

Thank you for sharing this picture, my friend.

Anonymous said...

That gave me chills, too. Old photos have that unsettling air about them to begin with, and life was so much harder.