Monday, November 21, 2011

When 230 = Stalker.


On Saturday night, the number 230 was infused in my brain and psyche.

It was like 230 had become personified, and had become an enemy, stalking my every step.

An enemy that was chasing me down, mocking my every move, and laughing in my face.

That night (OK, technically it was between the hours of 7 and 11: 29,) my blood sugar was 230 - ALL NIGHT.

It literally wouldn’t go down, or up for that matter. Even after two infusion set site changes, 2 correction boluses, 2 rage boluses and a ridiculous number of fingerstick tests!

I was pissed off at being stalked by 230 - I didn't like it one bit!

At 11:30 pm, my blood sugar was 166 and I could finally get some sleep.

Sunday morning I woke up and my blood sugar was 140, ( I know, not thrilling) and it stayed in good range all day.

Still..., 230 kept flashing in my brain.

So much so in fact, that on Sunday night I googled the number 230 sans quotes, just for shits and giggles.

And ironically, “ Kelly’s 230 Stalker Stubborn Ass Blood Sugar,” didn’t come up in my search.

But I did find out that there was a roof top bar called 230-Fifth in New York City.

And that The US Department of Immigration Form 230 , parts I and II are Applications for Immigrant Visa & Alien Registration.

230 was also part of a big viral advertising campaign for GM’s VOLT back in 2008. But I don’t really remember it so I’m sure how successful it was.

And according to Wikipedia, “230 was a common year starting on a Friday of the Julian Calendar & at the time it was known as the Year of Consulship of Agricola and Clementinus.” Yeah, I know - W. T. F.

The stubborn ass 4 and a half hour Saturday night 230 blood sugar mystery still remains one.

It definitely wasn’t a diabetes urban legend - It really happened, and it was totally frustrating.

But, eventually, the blood sugar tables turned and I was once again in charge.

Why am I telling you this? Because I know that you'll totally understand my frustrations and not judge me.

And I hope that when your being chased by one of those stubborn mystery blood sugar numbers that just won't budge, you’ll remember this post and realize that eventually you'll show your own Blood Sugar Stalker who's the boss.

Speaking of, what's your Blood Sugar Stalker number?

FYI: your Blood Sugar Stalker number can be high, low, or smack dab in the middle - There's no judging here~


Penny said...

You crack me up that you searched for 230 my dear! Clasoc.
If I see 99 on Grace's PDM one more time I am gonna scream. I know, in range number, but it ALWAYS comes up.
Grace always says she is 1 point short of 100 :0)

Jamie Naessens said...

I just googled "Kelly’s 230 Stalker Stubborn Ass Blood Sugar" and score - the #1 hit was Diabetesaliciousness! So Kelly, you now will hit come up with a big blue clock that kinda looks like it escaped from Blues Clues!