Friday, January 27, 2012

Diabetes Doesn't Respect A Woman's Right To Change Her Mind.....

Diabetes doesn't respect a woman's right to change her mind, be it, clothing, shoes, lovers or Baked Lays.
I stand by those words 100% and I utter them often- though the Baked Lays part is interchangeable with various carbs, like past, rice, Chinese & Mexican cuisine.

The phrase also happen to be something I tweeted to my friend Kim over at Texting My Pancreas when she tweeted about bolusing for a Baked Lays and then changing her mind about eating them. I could totally relate, because lets face it: We've all been there, done that.

Diabetes doesn't respect or get the fact that I (and by I, I mean we) like cute boots and wedge heels - And I wear them.
And while I'm ranting, I'm going to say that shoe designers don't get (or won't admit too) the fact that just because you have a wide foot in the toe-box area, doesn't mean you want to wear some God awful, ugly ass shoes.
Shoe designers are actually afraid to make shoes available in a WIDE because they think women won't by them.
Forget the fact that majority of women are walking around in shoes that don't fit them properly - diabetes or not.

How about shoe manufacturers/ designers make their MEDIUM widths slightly more roomy so I (we) can be comfortable and consistantly fashionable and my diabetes doesn't blow a proverbial tire???
Diabetes doesn't get that some days I want to wear not so sensible shoes for more than a few hours at a time - it's not my fault I have high arches!

And you know what? I don't want to look like I have three boobs, specifically when I'm attempting to tuck my trusty insulin pump in my bra and thanks to my less than ample boobs, it never seems to look quite 'natural," when stashed there.
In my mind, I hear diabetes (like it was an actual person) say: Tough crap, Kel - DEAL WITH IT. And I DO.

And sometimes when I clip my insulin pump to my pump garter to wear a dress or skirt (and I will admit that it really does depend on the cloth's fabric and draping abilities, or lack there of,) I look like a Drag Queen who hasn't quite figured out the whole "tuck & hide" thing yet.

Yes, there are times when diabetes flips us the finger in the form of a high or low blood sugar and it could care less about the where and why of it all.
And other times, like my friend Kim - I bolus before I eat, and then realize I've changed my mind.
Yes, I could bolus post meal - But my friend Gary told me that I am ever so slightly slow when it comes to insulin absorption rates (basal testing is torture but the results are key - not to mention interesting!) and to bolus sooner as far as meals are concerned is a better option for me.

But here's the thing, I respect diabetes - whether it's being pissy with me or not. And while there are moments when diabetes wins a battle, be it about carbs , triple boobs, shoes or 175 things in between, diabetes WILL NOT WIN the war.

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kim said...

I.LOVE.THIS.POST!!!!! and you are completely right. Diabetes may win the ocassional battle (the boob issue is one of the battles it wins with me too!), but i believe that after 37 years, i truly believe i am winning the war!! and it seems to me you are too!!