Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Diabetes & The TaxMan: Can I Deduct That?

Since tax time is literally just around the bend,I’ve been gathering receipts from my pharmacy, insurance premiums, and Doctors copay receipts for my accountant - Which of course makes me think about other diabetes related tax deduction questions.


Are pump batteries, glucose tabs & juice-boxes considered diabetes deductions?

Think about it, durable medical equipment like pump supplies, needles and lancets are considered tax deductions and are covered by insurance, so why not pump batteries?

You don’t need an RX for glucose tabs or juice-boxes, but we buy them specifically to treat diabetes lows, so technically, shouldn’t we be able to write them off?

Same goes for Larabars, which I also use to treat lows when I’m working out!

Speaking of working out: Can a gym membership/class/exercise equipment purchased be considered a durable medical equipment deduction?

We exercise to stay healthy & fit, AND because studies have shown that exercise helps regarding in both maintaining good blood-sugars and long term diabetes damage, so shouldn’t we able to write off the cost of Aqua Boot Camp and the redonkulous cost of joining the local gym, JCC, or YMCA?

And what about eating healthy??

I really try to avoid High Fructose Corn Syrup at all costs, but it’s expensive!! And FYI: Our bodies do know the difference between sugar and HFCS, and the proof is in the blood sugar numbers!

I want a write off for buying non - HFCS crap!

Can I write off the Ezekiel bread, non hfcs / gluten free Food Should Taste Good Chips, Apple's & Eve juiceboxes & Soy milk???

Also, as a person living with diabetes - I can't wear cheap shoes.

Seriously, I can't - no way no how!

Cheap shoes = major foot issues for people with diabetes - Everyone knows that!

I'm like the freaking Princess & The Pea when it comes to cheap shoes - I can't wear them!

Uncle Sam, I need to be able to write off My Asics Gels,(the only sneakers I can wear comfortably &which cos $125 a pair,) Naot shoes & any other footwear that don't hurt/damage my feet!

I don't choose to wear expensive shoes - I HAVE TO WEAR EXPENSIVE SHOES.

I am aware that medicare covers 1 pair of "diabetic shoes," and three pairs of orthotics a year, but I'm not on medicare.

And personally, diabetes or not, people need, (not to mention wear) more than one pair of shoes a year!

And if you're a person with diabetes who gets your shoes through medicare, can you write off the shoes medicare doesn't cover?

What unconventional (but totally necessary and valid) diabetes deductions would you like to see covered, or that you actually use as a diabetes a tax deduction?


Johanna B said...

I wouldn't mind deducting Larabars. The PB cookie ones are good right before a workout. I go low a lot after I do cardio after work.

Erin said...

Love this idea! I'm totally with you on glucose tabs and batteries.

And - this is probably silly, but while we're wishing, what the heck? - I'd love to get parking as a deductible. My endo is in the UCLA medical center, and they charge $11 for parking! Figuring I go there 6-8 times per year, that's not small potatoes. (Plus, the principle of it just bugs me!)

Lora said...

Freaking Juicy Juice... Just sayin!

Penny said...

Honey, you need a CPA Accountant who specializes in this! I have one and guess what, most of what you are talking about IS deductible! I save receipts from EVERYTHING I buy related to treating Graces diabetes - juices, tabs, shoes, you name it, if it went to help her manage her D, I saved the receipts. I just added up all these things this year and they totaled $4,000. No wonder I'm broke.
And Erin, parking for doctor appointments is TOTALLY deductible! So is the mileage to travel to doctor appointments. Our mileage for the year was 550 miles, that included the round trip to camp, which by the way, I deducted!
The key is to get reciepts for everything and save them, even is its a giant shoebox. I write on what I spent it for and into the shoebox it goes, to be sorted out in January. Honestly, we need all the deductions we can get and you would be surprised what is deductible.
Kelly, shoes are, if they are related to caring for your diabetes.

Anonymous said...

You are FANTASTIC for bringing this up, and Penny is FABULOUS for chiming in on this. Totally going to keep this in mind for next year's taxes. :)

Lala Jackson said...

Ohhhhh Penny, your comment was oh so helpful. Thanks for bringing this up!