Monday, February 6, 2012

An Extended Diabetes Hail Mary Play

I don't recommend that you attempt the following - AT ALL. But like always, I will share the good, the bad and the diabetesaliciousness of it all with you! Including the not so smart moves - Like what happened yesterday~

So I'm not a crazy football fan, but I l love me a good Super Bowl party with a great half-time show and an exciting come from behind win - And last night was no exception.
Yesterday morning I baked a pumpkin pie to bring to a Super Bowl party; (did I mention my friend's son is a pumpkin pie fiend, and I couldn't disappoint, plus PP is the only pie I know how to bake, so it was a total win, win,) did all types of organizational crap ( I know, I know - so unlike me,) and for some weird reason, my blood sugars were under 100 for most of the day. Which was not only weird, but somewhat annoying because I was trying to keep my pre-game meals light. Instead, I found myself having to eat more than I actually felt like eating, even with a decreased temporary basal rate at lunchtime. Anyway, the day flew by and finally at 4:50 and just before I walked out the door with both my pie & keys in hand, I tested my blood sugar - I was 112.
Cut to me arriving at my friend's house and seeing the chip and dip spread and immediately setting my increased temporary basal rate by half and for a duration of 2.5 hours.
I caught up with friends, played Dance, Dance Revolution pre-game with the kids ( I ROCK at DDR bytheway,) enjoyed generous amounts of spicy buffalo chicken dip (SO GOOD) and chips and watched some of the game, but mostly the commercials.
And just before the venison chili, chicken wings and salad were set out on the table for the main course, I went to test my blood sugar. Except I couldn't, because my meter and test strips were on the hallway table back at home, right where I left them.
And as you can imagine, I was none to happy. Actually I was quite pissed off. How the hell could I have forgotten my meter!
All I kept thinking was that I was the stupidest person with diabetes in the world and what an amateur diabetes move on my part!! Not to mention the fact that I was having a great time and I was REALLY hungry. Not "low," hungry, but I knew that was just down the pike if I didn't eat sooner rather than later.
I could have driven home, but since I'd just finished a generous glass of Presecco and dinner was literally on the table, I decided against it - More because of the generous glass of Presecco part than the dinner on the table part.
So I bloused 2.5 units for the protein and veggie laden chili (2 bowls worth) and hoped that my combined extended increased temporary bolus combined with Dance, Dance Revolution pregame, and small boluses for each part of the meal would equate to a prolonged and successful Diabetes Hail Mary pass of sorts, instead of game losing fumble. And yes, I can't believe that I'm using a sports euphemism - Let alone that I was even attempting the play!
I felt good, but at the same time incredibly uneasy and I spent a lot of time wishing I had a CGM.
I downed several glasses of water and stayed away from the ever present chips and dip that seemed to be everywhere.
Time went by and Madonna rocked the halftime show - at the same time the dessert was being set out.
I was still hungry & I bolused 1.5 units for a small slice of very delicious and k2 homemade/kid approved pumpkin pie and didn't eat most of the crust. Still, small slice and ever smaller consumption of crust or not, being sans meter made me jumpy. Later, as I watched the last few minutes of the "big game" and witnessed Tom Brady attempt and fail his own Hail Mary pass, I really began to get nervous regarding my own.
I arrived home sometime after 10 pm and immediately checked my blood sugar - It was 72.
Somehow, my extended Diabetes Hail Mary pass had worked - Almost too a fault.
And as I reached some cheese and crackers, I had no choice but to laugh out loud at diabetes, because I'd won the diabetes game, this time. But even though I was laughing, you can be damn sure that I WILL NEVER, EVER FORGET MY METER AGAIN - I can't deal with not knowing my numbers, mentally or physically. Seriously, it was way too close for diabetes comfort, not too mention STRESSFUL!


Diabetes311 said...

I love this post... Congrats on making it through the Super Bowl..without ur meter. Diabetes doesn't always have to win!

Alyson Willis said...

Love it.. I've definitely been there and done that as well. Thankfully, I had the same result.

Penny said...

Score for you Kelly - and you made the best of a sticky situation - that's a win in my book!