Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Wordless Wednesday: What The What?!

What the what?!

Bungee Pumping @ CVS - Seriously, how'd that happen??


Christina said...

Weird! More importantly, are you wearing "Mom" jeans? :)

k2 said...

Christina -
I knew someone would say that, which is why I hesitated posting the pic in the first place.
NO, I am not wearing "mom jeans." I don't do "mom jeans', ever.
They are Gap Jeans, but thanks for asking.
Look, trying to take a picture of my pump with my 3G iphone that doesn't actually let you see what your snapping & holding the phone upside down at an odd angle was quite the challenge - And sort of distorted the image, including the jeans.
They are also too long for me and got caught up in my AsicGels and got all puffy.
BUT I'm totally willing to embarrass myself for you guys because I CARE THAT MUCH. And it was pretty darn funny! :)

Christina said...

I kid because I love. :)

k2 said...

I Know! But man, they do look like "Mom Jeans," and that sort of mortifies me! ;)`

Beeing Sophie said...

This happened to me last week and I didn't realise - was just walking down the street and suddenly my dad started screaming "YOUR INSULIN PUMP!" This made me laugh - thanks :)