Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Almost Wordless WednesDay: I've Been Told That I'm Very Animated......

I've been told that I'm very animated.....
 But this takes it to a whole new level!

Thanks Haidee!!!!When Haidee Merritt emailed me the above cartoon of moi last night, I was BEYOND STOKED and very honored. And while we're being honest, can I just say that girlfriend NAILED my eyebrows!Haidee Merritt is a Cartoonist/Illustrator & Writer who not only knows here way around the drawing board, but has a kick ass sense of humor to boot! She's also the Author & illustrator of a book of diabetes cartoons called:
 "One Lump Or Two?
and her art and humor are both funny and slightly dark
And anyone who has (or who has lived with diabetes in their lives,) will recognize that exact type of humor.
  Because it is that very humor that living with diabetes evokes.

Haidee's work is slightly reminiscent of Gary Larson - If Gary Larson was a hot blond who lived with diabetes 24X7, 365 days a year and who cartooned (is that a word, because if it isn't, it should be) on a daily basis about life with diabetes.

And Haidee's work will make you laugh.
And I believe that if we can laugh at something, we can own it, and that includes diabetes.

 And we need to laugh - especially at the stuff that drives us crazy and makes us want to cry.

So check out (formally BirdWing Press) and take a look. 
Also, be sure to check out the blog portion of her website,  
because Haidee's writing is another medium that she works quite well in ~   

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Mike Hoskins said...

That's awesome, K2!!! She is so very talented. First started seeing her work when it was on DMine, and since then I've loved seeing her creations as she posts about them. Thanks for sharing that with us!