Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Diabetes And The Haka

Seeing the world through diabetes colored glasses......And finding diabetes inspiration from the Maori and a New Zealand Rugby team~
So as of late I've become fascinated and maybe a little obsessed with The Haka
What is a Haka you ask?? A Haka is a traditional New Zealand Maori Warrior war cry, movement dance/chant and or challenge.
 Everything has meaning in the Haka, including the words, movements and facial expressions.  
Long ago, Maori warriors would do a Haka before going into battle. 
In a nut shell, a Haka gave the Maori confidence to go into battle against their opponents or any and all challenges that faced them. 
Hakas can and are performed by men or women or both at the same time. 

When I first saw the following video of the New Zealand Rugby team the All Blacks, who perform "Ka Mate" (the most famous of all the Hakas) before every game I was blown away. 

I loved what it represented to them as both a team and a culture (and let's face it, those boys are easy on the eyes, but I digress. 
  Then I started googling about The Haka and I came across this quote and video that made me think about how The Haka relates to life with diabetes: 

"Haka's are challenges, you're basically laying down the gauntlet to the oppisite side.  
You know, let's go to battle and the winner walks away." 
In rugby the winner takes all the points and they walk away with all the glory."  
Wayne "Buck" Shelford New Zealand All Blacks, 1985 - 1990

In life with diabetes, we throw down the gauntlet every single day of our lives.  
We face diabetes challenges both on a personal level, and as part of our collective history as people living with diabetes 24 X7,365 days a year with no time off for good behavior. 
We are warriors fighting the diabetes battle daily. 
So I'm all for a series of Diabetes Hakas to get though all the various diabetes challenges in our lives. 
 And in my head I see a flash mob video of everyone in the DOC performing a Diabetes Haka. 
Am I Crazy??? 
A little bit. 
But could we actually pull it off? 
I think we absolutely could. 

So, what do you think and are you in?? 


Kate Boylan said...

I AM SO IN! (says the girl who has yet to do her YCDT video...) :)

Kaitake said...

What an absolute delight and surprise to see a post about something so quintessentially New Zealand up here on your blog! I love the idea of a diabetes flash mob, however I have to mention that the haka itself holds great cultural and spiritual significance to Maori people and it might not be entirely appropriate to just make up a new one... Don't want to put a dampner on things, but just want to be respectful is all. I've been involved in flashmobs and subtlemobs - both are a stunning way of creating public interest. :)

k2 said...

Kaitake -
I really respect the the Maori and the meaning of the Haka reminded me so much of the living with diabetes.
And I I'd do the Ka Mate for sure - I wouldn't want to disrespect!
Also I know that the Maori (much like American Indians) are at risk for type 2 Diabetes which also made me think of the DOC :)

Marie Smith said...

That would be awesome. Count me in.