Thursday, June 7, 2012

Waiting ..... For All Sorts Of Things ~

Why are you eating so much, said my friend's almost 7 year old daughter asked me as she looked up at me with her big brown eyes.
I'd just downed a glass of chocolate milk and a fist full of glucose tabs. I wish I could have waited for the Pizza to be done, but it still had 20 minutes left in the oven, at least according to the directions on the package.
I looked at her and said: Well, my blood sugar is low and I need to get it back to normal really quick so you and I can continue having fun.
Brown Eyed Girl: Your blood sugar has to do with why you wear a pump all the time and your stomach being broken, right?
Me: Yes indeed  Miss Smarty Girl!
Then I took out my meter and test strips and poked my finger for the second time in 20 minutes - I was 69, up from a 56 that had literally come out of no where and faster than you could say WTF.
Brown Eyed Girl: My friend Mia has the exact same machine and pokes her finger the exact same way that you do!  I see her every day at school you know - I mean she's younger than me, but I see her every day and she's my friend. And she doesn't get scared or nervous either when she pricks her finger - NOT AT ALL.  She just pricks her finger like it's no big deal- just like you do. 
Me: I know her, she's a smart girl.
Brown Eyed Girl: And brave! And she wears a pump too, but it's a different color than yours.  Anyway, how's your blood sugar now?
Me: It's getting better and soon it will be back to where it should be.
Brown Eyed Girl: I'm glad.
And then she put her arm around my waist and leaned her head on the side of my abdomen.
Me:  Me, too kid, me too. And then I wrapped my arm around her shoulder and we held one another tight and we just stood there all silent like, looking out the mudroom window at garden. 
Me: Now where's that "Justice For Girls" catalog you keep talking my ear off about every time I see you?
Brown Eyed Girl: I'll go get it! I'll be right back - DON'T GO ANYWHERE.  I really want to show you the flipflop section because you always buy me such great shoes for my birthday!
Me: I won't! And then I breathed a sigh of relief and continued to wait for all sorts of things.  For her to comeback with the catalogue, for he pizza to finishing baking..... for my numbers to get back up.....

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Colleen said...

Aren't children amazing? You explained d to her. She gets it. I love that she has a young friend with d that she admires.
Yup - cool shoes are deserved!