Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Wordless Wednesday On Tuesday: Remote Controlled Diabetes?

If Only it was that easy!
But seriously, where the hell's my Diabetes Remote?  

The above picture was snapped in my hotel room.  The television's remote control came complete with the above holder, neither of which I ever had the opportunity to actually use because I never actually had time to watch TV.  Except of course for Sunday night, when I tried to keep up with the The Tony Danza Awards 
via my iPad on Sunday night during dinner,) but I digress.
Yeah it's clever diabetes marketing, but quite frankly I'd still rather have an honest to goodness Diabetes Remote. Actually, I'd rather have an honest to goodness diabetes cure! Anyway, more on ADA to follow! 


Denise aka Mom of Bean said...

Clever marketing, for sure!!

Excited to hear all about your trip!

AmyT said...

I thought that was funny, too. You gotta hand it to 'em for an original marketing idea.

:) Amy

Wendy said...

I was watching the Tonys as well & kept an eye open for your niece!