Friday, September 28, 2012

How Many Times Have You Tested Your Blood Sugar Today?

So it's Friday and I thought just for shits and giggles I'd ask you to post how many times you've tested your blood sugar today. And look, there's no right anwer to this question and this is a judge free zone - No one is going to call you out on your testing.... or there lack of.
This is just a question of the day type of thing.
And if you feel like posting your actual blood sugar numbers, great! 
If not, that's great too!
And since I can't ask you to do something I wouldn't do myself, I'll start the ball rolling.
So far I've tested three times today and my numbers were:
147 (I know, weird.)
Have I officially logged these numbers??? That would be negatory.
And while I'm being honest, guess who forgot to bolus for dinner last night and ended up with a #bgnow of 330 before she went to bed last night??
Here's a clue: Her first name rhymes with "belly" and her last name rhymes with "eunuch"!
Your turn!


StephenS said...

6:30 a.m. - 159 (too many french fries last night watching the football game)

11:55 a.m. - 191 (! - No answer for this. Never high before lunch)

3:00 p.m. - 138 (finally coming down)

Too bad you didn't ask yesterday... I was 80-100 all day. Or does everyone say that?

Type1teenager said...

10 and the day isnt even out lol!i hate hypo days

Jenn said...

So far:

5:22 am = 416 (UGH! dinner wasn't THAT tasty)
7:24 am = 160
12:54 pm = 89
2:20 pm = 114

Stabalizing feels so much better.

Amanda said...

My 8yo daughter has checked three times today
7:05am 114 (wake up/before breakfast)
10:32am 63 (felt low at school, said she had 3 gluc tabs)
11:25am 165
It's 1:40pm now, she just got home from school, she should check again but she's ignoring my requests for her to check....Also I checked her at 3:37am and she was 90, so I guess that makes 4 for today ;) Fun question!

Scott E said...

This sounds like fun! (The sharing part, not the actual BG ride)

3:58am : 186
6:46am : 112
9:04am : 68
12:00pm: 73
2:29pm : 300
3:19pm : 317 (hey correction, I'm waiting...)
4:29pm : 274

Yeah, I've got a few units of rage-bolus somewhere between my infusion site and my bloodstream right now.

Kate @ said...

3:30 am = 164 (yes, my cat wakes me around 3:30-4:30 everyday)
8:15 am = 133
12:00 am = 85
2:00 pm oopsy, skipped lunch for a while...
3:30 pm = 239 (some insulin on board still, but forgot to add a little more bolus for surprise caramel popcorn after late lunch)

I'm pregnant, so things are changing on a weekly basis for basals and boluses! Driving me crazy...

Unknown said...

My 7 year old Diabetic Diva:

4:00am = 164
7:00am = 117
9:30am = asymptomatic 47 (srsly?)9:45am = 122
11:30am = 190
2:15pm = 100

Kelly said...

Ohhh....yikes! Not a good day here!!

6am 223
830am LO!!
9am 44
910am 68
945am 96
10am 133
11am 94
1pm 176
3pm 96
5pm 94

AHHH!!! 10 times in 12 hours!

Kaitake said...

2.:02am - 2.7 mmol (woke with a low in the small hours, decided the cat looked hungry too so he got a 2am feast as well)

8:33 - 13.4 mmol (breakfast of peanut butter toast and tea)

2:39pm - 17.2 mmol (realized while driving into a car wash that I'd eaten lunch oh yes! Just forgotten to bolus for it. Dumb! Cue a 3u correction)

6:38pm - 6.1 mmol (after building a rabbit hutch and weeding the garden, I cooked stir fry for dinner. White rice!)

11:24pm - 7.4 mmol (seems I got the white rice bolus ok after all :) an evening of playing musical instruments with my husband and step-daughter)