Thursday, September 27, 2012

For Those That Think Diabetes Is A Four Letter Word & A Character Flaw -

For those that think diabetes is a four letter word & a character flaw - 
You are wrong on every level.  
First off, diabetes it’s a word containing 8 letters, not four - any kindergartner can tell you that. 
And being diagnosed with diabetes means that you either have an auto immune disease ( type 1 or type 1.5) or a metabolic disorder (type 2) , and last I checked, neither of which was defined as a character flaw or four letter word.
Diabetes is not a dirty word, it’s not foul language, or an adjective for the word ‘lazy” or code for the term: They brought it on themselves .  

Here’s a news flash: People living with diabetes aren’t the sugar inhaling idiots who could "cure themselves of diabetes if they just did the right thing,"  that so many would like you to believe. 

The fact is, being a person with diabetes takes a tremendous amount of work - And that work is never ending. 
Because like it or not, diabetes is our constant companion and living with diabetes is 247, 365 days a year with no time off for vacations or good behavior. 
Being a person with diabetes takes copious amounts of determination; education, inspiration and perspiration. 
Living with diabetes is both a singular and team sport and directly effects everyone who loves the person in their lives living diabetes.
Diabetes can be damn scary. Scary because of the unknown... And because of the known. 
And diabetes is scary because diabetes is never the same game (let alone disease) two days in a row - And regardless of the type. 

So before you crack that joke about people with diabetes scarfing down donuts and mainlining sugar filled sodas - Get your diabetes facts straight. 
And remember that  PWDs (people with diabetes) are everywhere and we come in all shapes and forms. 
So remember what I'm telling you, because the next person that you might try to impress by perpetuating diabetes myths and stereotypes, might just have diabetes themselves, or love some one with diabetes. 
And I promise you, they won’t hesitate to school you with the very real diabetes facts of what diabetes really is and what living with diabetes is really like. And they won't sugarcoat it!
You’ve been warned.


Unknown said...

I am literally saving the link to this on my phone so that when (not "if". . ."when") my asshole cousin says, "Hey, you're not allowed to eat that" or "This isn't SUGAR FREE, IS IT?!" about something I've made, I can immediately just forward it.

Alison said...

Amen Sista!!!

Harrison said...

Couldn't agree with you more. Have lived this for years. Good synopsis of how we still have a long way to go on the education piece as it pertains to diabetes.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kelly,

You would have been so mad at this medical supply company call I got the other day. The guy first said "so are you the one in the family that SUFFERS from diabetes". I said "well, I am the one that lives with diabetes" ( I chose to keep it nice at this point). After I told him I test 10 times a day he goes "I'm sorry about that".... that is when I had to rip him a new one! "Don't feel sorry for me because I choose to take care of my health, you really have no clue about the people you are calling and hoping to win a customer". Our conversation ended shortly after that. I was so fired up. They called back later and I asked for a supervisor and explained to him the annoying comments....hopefully the idiot gets some better training.