Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Wordless Wednesday: Little Ripples = Big Waves... And Smaller Daily Totals~

Here's the thing - I used to workout a lot, so I know what exercise can do for your blood sugars, insulin daily totals, etc. But I obviously needed a visual reminder!
And for the record, now that i've stated out loud to the entire Diabetes On-line Community that my daily totals haven't gone above 39 in three weeks, I have no doubt that my streak will end almost immediately!
It's called #murphyslawdiabetesstyle ;)
I've been working out since the end of August at least 4 times per week and I've noticed a drop in my insulin "Daily Total" rates. 
I haven't gone above 39.5 units a day in at least 3 weeks - And here's visual proof of the last 13 days. 
Little ripples = big waves.. And victories, both big and small~

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Kelly said...

Oh damn! You just made me check out my TDD..hmm....

Umm.......yeah...Could be much better! Thanks for the reminder! Ive been saying for weeks I gotta get back into my workouts!! ACK!