Tuesday, September 4, 2012

This One's For Ryan, Meri & The Boys ~

The Schuhmacher's
Ryan ~
I don't know how to write this post - I just don't. I'm sad and worried and my heart goes out to our friend Meri Schuhmacher and her beautiful family over at OurDiabeticLife.com  
I've been staring at my computer the past couple days and have had no idea what to write. So, I'm just going to write what I know. 

When I found out Meri's husband Ryan lost his battle with brain cancer on Sunday, I literally shouted"OH NO," out loud and in front of my computer and started to cry. 
I cried for Ryan, I cried for Meri and I cried for their 4 beautiful boys. 
I wanted to transport myself from my living room on the east coast to Petaluma California and hug them and hold them and tell them all that everything would be OK. 

As many of you know, our wonderful friend Meri is hope personified. A mother of four children (three of whom have type 1 diabetes,) who continually shares her life as a D Mama, loving wife and community cheerleader to those of us in the DOC and beyond.
Through our lovely Meri we learn about McGyvering insulin pumps and dealing with middle of the night lows in triplicate. 
And through her actions  we are shown that grace under fire truly does exist- And that a positive attitutude shines an amazing inner light that affects everyone who reads her words and or meets her in real life.
 When we learned that the love of her life, Ryan was diagnosed with a very rare form of brain cancer - many of us froze in our tracks.
But Meri showed us that we must advocate and push ahead for those we love and never give up hope.
And through everything, Meri has kept her faith and grace and has shown us what it is to love without limits and have faith no matter what. 
I only met Ryan once, this past summer at Friends For Life. Ryan was experiencing health issues in Florida and I didn't get the chance to talk to him much. But we were both in the buffet line at the banquet on opposite sides of the buffet table and I introduced myself. He smiled at me from across the BBQ'd pulled pork and held out his hand. "I know who you are, I know you from Meri and I know you from your blog. I'm Ryan, nice to meet you!" His younger boys ran  up to him in line and let him know where they were playing and he just smiled and laughed and told them to keep playing.
We talked about the pulled pork being bolus worthy and how happy were were to at Friends For Life. 
And as we talked, I kept thinking that Ryan was what we in Jersey call: GOOD PEOPLE. 
Then when stopped holding up the pulled pork line, said see ya and went our separate ways - And we continued to wave at one another whenever we saw one another in the ballroom. 
I'm so glad and blessed I had the chance to meet him and see him with his family. 
Now, Ryan is out pain and watching his family from above. 

And his family has to deal with the the very real pain and realities of losing someone they love. 
And in the DOC, when one of us struggles, we all struggle. 
So I'm asking anyone reading this post to please consider donating to http://www.giveforward.com/schuhmacherfamilymiracle2 
This fundraiser was originally set up to help with any of the needs that the family might incur.
Things like hospital bills; cancer treatment and drug costs,and  other medical costs like insulin, insulin pumps & test strips. Then there's the cost of food and clothes for four growing boys - Too many costs to mention.  These needs/costs will be even more now that Ryan has passed and no donation is too small. 
And if you can't donate, forward the info to some who might. 
And please reach out to the family via their face book page and send them continued love and prayers because  they really do need and would appreciate them very much. 


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Incredibly well said. Thanks for this, Kelly.

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Incredible post Kelly. <3.

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What a gorgeous and touching collage.

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Love that the DOC is supporting our dear friend Meri! <3

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Beautiful, Kelly.

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You said it so well Kelly...thank you.

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I've stayed away from blogs...but tonight I needed to find my Tribe.

I love that you were able to meet Ryan in such a "normal" way despite the very "abnormal" reality he was facing.

Thanks for being such a good friend...I feel incredibly blessed to call you friend.

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You speak for us all, Kelly. Thank you.

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Beautifully said, Kelly.

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Very beautifully said.

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this was very well said! thank you for such a wonderful tribute!