Monday, October 22, 2012

10/24/12: American Diabetes Association Twitter Chat On Diabetes Discrimination. Know Your #DiabetesRights

So living with diabetes generates a lot of fears. Fears about our health, fears about our future and fears about how others will and or won't perceive us.

These fears occur in our personal lives and spill over into our professional lives and force so many PWDs to stay in the Diabetes Closet because of diabetes fears and diabetes realities of losing their jobs, benefits & dignity.
And I think that at one time or another, we've all experienced experienced those very same diabetes fears and realities.
Bottom line: Discrimination against people with diabetes HAS GOT TO STOP. And in order for Diabetes Discrimination to stop, we have to be able to not only talk about it; we have to understand what Diabetes Discrimination is, and what our rights as PWDs who feel that they are being discriminated against are.
That's why I strongly encourage you to participate/ lurk in the twitter chat hosted by the ADA (American Diabetes Association) on Diabetes Discrimination this Wednesday, October 24 from 1 to 2pm, EST.
All that's required of you is to login  to the twitter on Wednesday and follow the hashtag: #DiabetesRights. The ADA's special guest tweeter is Katie Hathaway, the ADA's Managing Director for Legal Advocacy. Katie will be leading the discussion via ADA's twitter handle @AmDiabetesAssn & she's there to answer all your questions on the subject.
Clueless as to what legal rights are available to you as a PWD let alone what they are? That's where Katie & The ADA come in.
Katie will explain what constitutes as Diabetes discrimination in the workplace, at school & correctional institutions, and what services are available in the public services/government accommodations.
Knowledge is power and I say arm yourself accordingly - Gather your questions for Katie, then tune it & tweet away!  I'll be lurking/particiapting and learning during the chat on the 24th and I hope you will too! #bethere!

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