Thursday, October 11, 2012

Diabetes Procastinationisms

OK, I damn near sliced the tip of my right pointer finger off last night after the #dsma chat on the twitter.  
True Story: I was chopping broccoli (and yes, the irony of that statement on all its many levels isn't lost on me,) because I was making faux cream of broccoli soup for a Soup & Bread dinner I was invited to tonight. 
So this isn’t going to be a huge post due to the fact I’m having a real problem typing with above mentioned finger. And yes, I probably should have gotten stitches, but I didn’t.
I did bleed like the horse scene from The Godfather though and managed to test my blood sugar 4 times from my spouting finger before it stopped geysering out. And here's the numbers: 140, 144, 162 and 149. 
But this post isn’t about my finger, it’s about my reluctance to want to change my infusion set. 
To be honest, there’s are times when I just don’t want to change my infusion set - And for a variety of difference reasons. 
Sometimes because the last infusion set change hurt, sometimes because the current one has worked so well for so long that I’m like: Why bother? And sometimes I just don’t feel like it. 

Of course I do change my infusion set, but I will admit to procrastinating from time to time. 
Sometimes, even when my infusion set starts to itch (which is a dead giveaway that it’s time to change) I find myself not wanting to.
Like yesterday mid - morning, I knew it was time to change my infusion set - And I had the numbers to prove it, but I dragged my feet. Of course when I did change it my numbers went from being mweh, to being down right A-OK. 

So changing my infusion set is one of my Diabetes Procrastinationisms, as is logging my numbers and keeping a food journal. And then there's putting off getting my labs done until the very last minute, and then rushing around to find my lab RX. But that's not all my fault. We're supposed to get our labs done as close to our Endo appointment as possible, so I wait - And then I forgot where I put my labs. 

So what are your Diabetes Procrastinationisms?  
And yes, I realize that “Procrastinationisms” isn’t a word to some, but I'm not one of those people, and in this case I really think it fits ;) 


Kelly said...

Well, Im definetly guilty of not changing my sites! I am very fortunate to easily get 4 days out of a site :) so I DO push it to day 4...but even by day 5 or 6 I still put it off! Just like shaving your legs, sometimes you just dont wanna I guess!

I also procrastinate on checking when I know I must be heading low. I just dont like to stop what Im doing. Terrible, I know!

Scott E said...

I force myself to not fill my reservoir all the way because that forces me to change my infusion set. CGM sensors, on the other hand, I usually wait until the numbers stop making sense for a day and a half before changing it.

Logging blood sugars is something I used to really procrastinate doing. Now that I don't do it at all, I guess it doesn't count anymore.

Laura said...

mine would be testing, being careful about what i eat and well.... just being a good diabetic patient in general. (does that last part make sense?)


Rennie said...

I procrastinated on my lab work all last month and ended up having to cancel my endo appt! Just found the lab rx and I'm determined to go Monday morning and immediately re-schedule with my endo.