Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Cristin Was Magnificent & Damn The Diabetes Fashionista Torpedoes!

First: Cristin's concert Friday night was magnificent and she was AMAZING in all dimensions!
Her family and friends were and are so incredibly proud - And like the rest of the people in attendance at the sold out venue, we were blown away by her talent; grace, presence and banter!
Secondly: Re: last Thursday's post and all your great advice - The insulin pump infusion set higher up on the waist & above the "Assets" worked out fine and my blood sugar numbers were great.
I wish I could say the same for the velcro on the pump garter. Said garter velcro put permanent snag marks in the the material of my dress and literally fell down my leg twice (which rarely happens,) but was annoying - But the looks on strangers faces who saw the garter drop & slide were priceless! 
Funny/annoying, nothing was going to deter me from enjoying my niece's concert! 
Not diabetes, not an awkwardly placed infusion sit and most certainly not a wonky insulin pump garter!
 And FTR, at several points in the evening my garter twisted from hiding my insulin pump in my inner thigh to my center thigh, thus making making me look like a less fabulous and fierce contestant on Ru Paul's Drag Race,who'd had points deducted for being "untucked." 
Again, comical - But ANNOYING.  
Still, I forged ahead and did what needed to be done and then laughed out loud at the ridiculousness of my diabetes fashion issues!  DAMN THE DIABETES FASHIONISTA TORPEDOES! 

Then I went back to enjoying all the magic that was Cristin Milioti's American Songbook Series, concert debut at Lincoln Center. 

Thirdly: My gift to you from that evening is a little glimpse of the magic, courtesy of BroadwayWorld


Scott K. Johnson said...

She's amazing! Very cool, K2!

StephenS said...

Had to wait until I got home to listen to this. It was worth the wait. Very nice... what a talent!