Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Medivizor: Customizes Your Diabetes News & Keeps It Organized & In One Place

Diabetes infiltrates both my personal and my professional life  24X7, and the same can be said for my inbox. 

I don’t know about you, but my inbox is bursting at the seams when it comes to emails about any all things diabetes related. I try and keep up, I really do.  But I won’t lie to your or me for that matter, 
and I can’t keep track of all my diabetes emails, especially when it comes to diabetes studies, trials and the latest and greatest in diabetes news, re: breakthroughs, reports, etc. 
I’ve tried creating different diabetes folders for D studies, trials & news - And that works for a while, until it doesn’t. 

So lets back track to a few months ago, when I received an email from Medivizor's Chief Operating Officer,  Ronen Keinen, telling me all about their services and inviting me to be an Early Adopter. 
Ronen explained Medivizor in these words: Medivizor provides personalized information updates for people with serious or chronic medical conditions - cutting edge research, new treatments, clinical trials and more in a way they can understand and act upon. Our mission is to bring our users the information that is relevant and specific to them by finding "the needle in the haystack". 

And even though I was a little weary (because a lot of startups reach out to me pitching their sites and quite frankly, a lot of them are crap and don't benefit the patient,) but I was incredibly interested in hearing and learning more because what Ronen from Medivizor was telling me. 
WHY? Because what Ronen was telling me in the phone conversation that followed his email, had me thinking that Medivizor (an Israeli start-up with 15 employees and offices in Nevada,) had the potential to be a very good thing for people with chronic illnesses or diseases - not just diabetes.  
SIDEBAR: Currently Medivizor supports only diabetes, breast, prostate, colorectal & skin cancers - but are in the process of adding more conditions.
Medivizor’s Mission in a nutshell (and I’m quoting directly from the website,) is to: 
*Improve the lives of people with serious medical conditions and of those who care for them.

*Effectively apply software and the social web to the field of health for the betterment of humanity.

Ok, that all sounds great, but how do they do that? 

When you register, you have to answer a series of questions (up to 15) re: what conditions you’re interested in receiving info about about as a patient or caregiver or both, and what types of info(studies, research, etc.,) your interested in receiving.  
Medivizor pulls/filters articles that are personalized to your illness or condition and your interests, in essence making the notifications you receive tailor made to your specifications - And as the daughter of an actual tailor - I appreciate a good customized fit in all dimensions of my life.

But Medivizor goes one step further.. And turns my Medivizor Personal Space Page into a personalized repository of articles, treatment options, trials, etc and all stored one place .... Other than my inbox. 
And that’s what really got me excited - Not only was it a one stop drop and shop for all articles diabetes related, everything was stored in one easy to organize location.

Medivizor notifies me every few days about articles (from actual medical journals) they think I’d be interested in, and the fact that all the data is stored in one place that I can go to and read whenever I have a moment is key. 
I also like and appreciate the fact that the Medivizor team has the info in an easy to read formant - I’m not a Doctor, so the fact that the info is written in laymen’s terms is greatly appreciated.
The Personal Space Page also makes it easier to keep track of the information - And as for as privacy re: MY medical info? Medivizor "is HIPPA compliant."  

As I stated previously, I like the fact that I can choose the “when,” when it comes to reading these articles, but the fact that I can also rate the articles on content, readability and relevance is a huge plus - Not to mention the fact that I can discuss articles in detail with other Medivizor users if I choose to.

Medivizor also makes it easy for me to take notes & highlight the articles on my PS (Personal Space) page, and send article links to my healthcare professional(s) or anyone else I think might find the subject matter interesting, as well as post and or tweet a link to a brief synapses of the article, which can be accessed in its entirety if you are a Medivizor member. 

So how do you become a member of Medivizor since it currently invite only? 
Easy, you request an invite via info@medivizor.com or going to Medivizor.com and you’ll receive your invite via your inbox. 

Bottom line: There’s a great team of folks behind Medivizor & it’s my sincere hope that Medivizor flourishes and grows exponentially because I think the services and values they provide are not only relevant - They are very much needed and incredibly beneficial to every person who wears the titles Patient and or CareGiver

Medivizor can be found on the web by checking out the following links:

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