Thursday, May 23, 2013

Diabetes Companies/Orgs Contact Info Update For Oklahoma Tornado Survivors

After Joplin, I wrote a post that had a list of diabetes resources/ 800 numbers for those people living with diabetes and involved in national disasters. After national disasters, smartphones are the only mode of communication most people have. And even though phone lines and power lines are down, many in the area hit still can communicate via texting and smartphone internet access.
 That communication is key and social media helps people to find (and find out about) loved ones. 
On a personal note, the only way I could communicate with my loved ones during and for day after Hurricane Sandy was my via my phone (only texts,) my iPad and my data plan. 
I'm in the process of updating the (and will add new info as I receive it,) diabetes contact info list for Diabetes Companies/Orgs providing diabetes meds/supplies for those people affected by the Oklahoma, tornadoes.  

 Here's the info I've confirmed and more updates are en route!!! 

And if you have any info to add, please leave a comment with the info! 

Updated on 5/29/13 at 9:27 am, EST 
Last week Sanofi donated Lantus to their primary charity partner Direct Relief and are currently in the midst of donating more Lantus, as well as Apidra.  
Direct Relief works directly with Health Care Professionals (mostly clinics and community centers) who provide medications at no cost to people living with diabetes and who qualify financially in the affected communities.  
Those in need should consult with their HCPs ( Health Care Professionals), and HCPs can contact Direct Relief directly at 805-964-4767 to discuss if their patients qualify.

Lilly  Updated on 5/24/13 at 4 pm, EST
Eli Lilly and Company has been working closely with community leaders in Oklahoma to understand what the needs are and how they can best be met. 
 A donation of insulin (facebook page is HERE
 is being delivered today (Friday, May 24th) and Lilly will continue to work with nongovernmental organizations to provide insulin to local partners for patients in need.   
Eli Lilly & Company has activated their Product Disaster Replacement Program, which includes vouchers for products in need, product replacement, and replacement of samples to physicians. 
To access the Product Disaster Replacement Program, call The Lilly Answer Center at 1-800-LillyRx (1-800-545-5979).
Additionally, Lilly employees throughout the U.S. who make a contribution of $25 or more to the American Red Cross and the Salvation Army will have their donations matched by the Lilly Foundation.

Novo Nordisk has delivered the following supplies to the locations listed below: 

Med Care United Charitable Pharmacy
711 Stanton L Young Boulevard,St 100
Oklahoma City, OK 73104
Tammy Herd –  405-863-2433
The pharmacy received the following this morning:
NovoFine® 30G        3 boxes        
NovoFine® 32G        4 boxes        
NovoLin® N                       50 Vials                
NovoLin® R                       50 Vials                
NovoLog®                         50 Vials                
Levemir®                         50 Vials                
NovoLog® Mix                   162 FlexPens     
NovoLog®                         162 FlexPens     
Levemir®                         162 FlexPens     
Victoza®                          160 FlexPens     
Second Shipment
Trinity Church of the Nazarene
7301 S. Walker Ave.
Oklahoma City, OK. 73139
Phone: 405-632-3307
Contact person – Jennifer Lester
This is a mobile clinic that is using the Church as their base, it is called Heart to Heart and is a partner of AmeriCares.  People can reach out to Jennifer to find their current location.
Insulin Pumps: 
Accuchek’s emergency number offers 24 X7, support: 800-858-8072
And if you or a loved one with diabetes only can communicate online via your smart phone access, you can reach out to Accu-chek via twitter at: @accuchek_us, because they are offering 24X7 support via twitter support.
Animas: Any Animas customers in the counties affected by the Tornado & in need of pump supplies need to contact their Doctor or Animas Rep. 
Reps and Territory Managers in those states and counties have been given extra pump supplies and will get the supplies to those in need, ASAP.
You can call Animas directly by calling the number on the back of your pump, or you can call this number, Toll Free: 1-877-YES-PUMP (1-877-937-7867)
“If you or your family needs emergency insulin pump supplies, please contact their Toll Free Medtronic Storm Hotline at :1-800-646-4633 ext. 64545.” 
twitter @MDT-Diabetes
Omnipod: Emergency hotline: 800-591-3455

Other ways to help: 
 Salvation Army: Donate online or text STORM to 80888 to contribute $10 to their relief efforts.

Operation USA: International relief agency that helps communities overcome the effects of disaster. 
You can donate online at: or call 1-800-678-7255

American Red Cross:  You can visit their website :    or call them at:  1-800-733-2767. 
You can also text the word REDCROSS to 90999 to make a $10 donation.

You can access a list of more local area relief efforts by clicking, HEREHERE


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