Monday, July 15, 2013

Children With Diabetes Friends For Life Scribblings

I returned home from #CWDFFL13 (otherwise known as Children With Diabetes Friend For Life Conference,) early this morning and was so amped up and over tired that I actually couldn't you know, sleep! 
So I started scribbling a couple pages of notes on how I was feeling - Until I hit the exhaustion wall and finally went to bed.

Page 1 of CWDDFFL early morning scribbles re:2013 Children With Diabetes Friends For Life Conference.

Cut to this morning: Right now my mind is racing like crazy (but in a great way,) thanks to 7 amazing (and dare I say "magical") days at the 2013 Children With Diabetes Friends or Life conference that I attended in Orlando this past week.
I need some time to gather my thoughts and wrap my head around what's happened since last Monday - And also play catch-up with work and life - Not to mention laundry. 

SO until my "real" CWDFFL posts, here's a few of last nights scribbles.
When I went over them this morning I changed a few things/added a few things~

CWDFFL Spells LOVE. #fact

Children With Diabetes was amazing,wonderful, overwhelming & life changing!

Emotions are enhanced at CWDFFL -- Actually your emotions are dialed up to 11 and amplified like crazy!
You laugh harder, cry more tears and your heart opens up wider than you ever thought possible.

#CWDFFL13 was a whole lotta diabetes love in all dimensions!

CWDFFL charges both your Diabetes batteries & your life batteries - It's like a two for one special and I'm all for that!

Hugs - as in giving and receiving are not only appreciated - they are very much needed.
Because even the strongest & the bravest of the green and orange bracelet wearing crew need hugs and a shoulder(s) to lean on every now and then - Not to mention a hand to hold and same said shoulder(s) to cry on when you get completely overwhelmed. ;)

Strangers become family and friends for life.

Parents, siblings and partners have Diabetes Burnout too.

Diabetes Heroes come in all sizes.

You learn so many diabetes and life lessons at CWDFFL - And those lessons are taught by both green and orange bracelet wearing children and adults. And regardless of your age - you are never to old or young to learn and or teach those amazing lessons~

"We are family.... I got all #CWDFFL  family and me!"


StephenS said...

Glad you had a sensational week, though I'm not surprised. Can't wait to read all about it!

Scott K. Johnson said...

Great notes, K2. I totally agree with all of them. :-)

Misty said...

We loved seeing you again!

Denise aka Mom of Bean said...

so wish we could have been there!
looking forward to being there next year...we hope!!

Tarra said...

I know I did not sleep well during the conference so many things going on and just such a fun time. So nice to finally meet you and hang out.