Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Diabetes OCD: My List Grows - My Obsession Continues~

Here's the thing - I know OCD is very real and difficult disorder to live with it - I'm not making fun of it or belittling those who live with it. 

But I do think that living with diabetes causes OC and OCD like idiosyncrasies - because seriously, how can it not? 
Diabetes makes us obsess over all sorts of things related to out life with diabetes. And that's a #fact. 

So yeah, I have a bit diabetes obsessive compulsiveness - I don’t click my heals three times every time I test my blood sugar or anything like that - But I do have some diabetes weirdness.  I wrote about some of my diabetes OCD involving ziplock bags; juice boxes, lancets, test strip box neatness, etc  a while back - And you can read my original post re: my diabetes OCD weirdness, HERE. 

But I’ve noticed that I have a few more things (OK, D compulsions) that I have and should add to my  previous list.  

For instance: When I start a new infusion set, there's a good chance that I end up filling my cannula with air twice. 

Like, I’m always afraid that I’ll forget to do that ever so important step and be left without the ability to syphon insulin from my pump. And sometimes I get distracted by a phone call or a pretty shiny object and I can't remember if I filled my cannula up yet. 
Not to mention the fact the whole filling up and starting a new reservoir thing has become so second nature to me that sometimes I can't remember if I doing the filling of the cannula part, (and even when I end up back to the blank screen) so I end up doing it twice.... Just in case. 
And yes, I know I can check the history - And sometimes I do - And other times, I just refill the cannula. 

I always make sure I have spare infusion sets whenever I switch out my handbags out.  I might forget my license or my keys, but I damn near almost always remember to throw a spare infusion set into the bag. 

Then there’s the whole making sure I have glucose tabs and  juice in the house at all times in case of low blood sugar, thing. There are some days when I’ve put off food shopping for so long that I just have a few yogurts, maybe some cheese and something that was once edible but is no long recognizable in the fridge - Not to mention a shitload of condiments. And my freezer might only have a1/2 a left over Dr. Oetker frozen spinach pizza ( I can totally bolus for it and achieve blood sugar nirvana) and a bag of frozen edemame, but you can bet your bottom dollar that I have at least two 48 ounce bottles of juice in my pantry and at least two full bottles of glucose tabs. 

I read labels like some people read books. If I’m interested in buying a food product something I’ve heard someone else talk about or I've seen on TV, I’ll google before I even go to the store just to check the carb count out. 

And lets not forget to mention my Diabetes On-Line Community obsession/addiction- I'm always online, reading blogs, chatting or advocating - But the DOC is one obsession/ addiction is one I will gladly keep and encourage others to join! 

So yeah, I’m kind of weird- and I most definitely have some Diabetes Obsessive Compulsiveness - But I know I'm not the only one. 

How do your diabetes obsessive compulsions come into play, have you developed more as time goes by or has your Diabetes OCD changed? 

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Juke Joints said...

I do the same with new foods - I alway google them to find out the carb content before I even go near a store