Thursday, October 31, 2013

In No Particular Order: 36 lessons Learned - Not All Diabetes Related

I've learned a few things about life since my Halloween Diabetes Dx all those years ago - So here's 36 life lessons learned in no particular order & not all diabetes related~
1. Dietetic or “diabetic friendly” candy is anything but friendly~
2.  Exercise is good for your mind and your body - And those times you don’t want to exercise  the time when your mind need it the most.
3. Little moments end up being the ones that you remember for years to come.
4. Diabetes can make you cry and drive you crazy sometimes. 
5. Putting coffee in the fridge and letting it get cold before you pour it over ice is the key component in making good iced coffee.
6 If you think you can’t be technically savvy, diabetes will show you that can absolutely become technically savvy.
7, TIme goes by in the blink of an eye - Try your best to be in the moment. 
8. Hang your black/dark clothes inside out in your closet/folded in your drawers - It prevents lint from accumulating on them. 
9. Speaking of clothes, find a good tailor - He or she will save you all sorts of headaches in the long run.
10. My mother was right - Red/ Russet lipstick and mascara will perk you up both mentally and physically.
11. Speak up - Your voice really does make a difference.
12. Tell your parents how much you love them as often as possible while they are here to hear it.
13. Bronzer is not a great look for everyone.
14. Seriously, WTF! 
15. Old Dogs can learn new tricks. 
16. The Diabetes world is a small one -And that is a wonderful thing.
17. Meter accuracy is critical - StripSafely
18. Little kids tell it like it is. 
19. Wrap dresses hide a multitude of sins and give you more curves.
20. Insulin pumps clip to Spanks quite nicely. 
21. Once you actually get used to unsweetened vanilla almond milk, you will prefer unsweetened almond milk.
22. Sometimes  when it comes to family and friends it is better to be nice than to be right.
23. When you know better you do better - In life and your life with diabetes.
24. Dark Chocolate Goldenberg's Peanut Chews taste much better than Milk Chocolate Goldenberg's Peanut Chews.
25. Beware of handbags with a black lining - You will waste a redonkulous amount of time looking for your keys/wallet/meter - For your sanity's sake, don''t buy black lined handbags.
26. You have a lot to be grateful for.
27. Doorknobs have a damn near magnetic attraction to insulin pump infusion tubing.
28. Seriously, WTF. 
29. Everybody has a bad day. 
30. 90+ years is too long to wait between lifesaving diabetes discoveries.
31. Let your children participate in their diabetes - Even if it’s just reading the carb count on a box - It will make them feel like they have some control & ownership -And that’s huge.
32. Seriously, WTF. 

33. The Diabetes Online Community (DOC) is amazing and life changing - And it saves lives.

34. Your diabetes is not your fault.

35. Your biggest weakness ( in my case it’s my busted pancreas) can be come your greatest strength and biggest passion.

36. THe only thing you can’t do with diabetes is make insulin - Everything else is game on. 


Karen said...

Happy happy diaversary to you, my friend!!

Unknown said...

Love this list, great way to commemorate.

StephenS said...

Happy diaversary Kelly!

Number 7: Absolutely right.
Number 8: I never knew this! Now I have a task when I get home.
Number 22: I keep reminding myself of this all the time.
Finally, more people need to hear Number 34.


Scott E said...

Regarding number 14... Seriously, WTF?

Melody said...

I love #36..."Everything else is game on." :)

carlyn said...

Number 2 is something I need to keep reminding myself of! Number 8 is just damn smart.