Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Sandy - A Year Later.

A year later the sun is shinning brightly and I don't need a jacket - let alone flashlights, waders, rain gear and a waterproof duffle bag filled with diabetes supplies. 
And I appreciate all the little things that we never really think of - Things like heat, electricity to make coffee in the morning and a fully charged cell phone. 
And looking back I appreciate how nice my diabetes played while Hurricane Sandy did not.

And of course appreciate the Diabetes Online Community for not only helping me, but for helping so many people with diabetes in the Rockaways shortly after the storm! 

A year ago today I was huddled up with friends riding out the Hurricane called Sandy. 
I'd never seen a storm like that before or since - And for that I'm glad. 
I can still feel  
Sandy's presence today in my town and in the people living in it - And other towns and towns people  on the eastern seaboard. 
I still see Sandy's presence, not only in the landscape and the architecture, but in the faces and hearts of my friends who lived through the Sandy craziness. And while we are stronger than the storm for sure - It changed all of us profoundly. 
I took this photo one year ago, yesterday around 4pm.
A few hours later the real craziness began. 
A year later the Sandy Stories will still blow your mind - People, many connected to our Diabetes OnLine Community still need help recovering financially and emotionally.
So take a second to remember your friends and family members who survived Sandy, those who didn't & those still dealing with all of the Sandy red tape. 

And take a moment to enjoy the sun on your face and the quiet wind at your back today~
Today the sun is shining Jersey strong~

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Laddie said...

I've seen numerous videos of Sandy on the news today and they are still terrifying to watch. I know that the recovery is still not complete, but it's still incredible to see how much progress has been made.

My inspiration is that I had a granddaughter born at NYU Langone Medical Center two weeks ago. A year ago the hospital was flooded with no power and babies were being evacuated.