Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Of Hitting Close To Home & Being Grateful

This morning Kerri vlogged about “The People In The Computer” and the “intense connection” the Diabetes Online Community brings to her. 
How important and powerful those connections are and how she no longer distinguishes between online and offline friends - And I agree  with her 100%. 

I’m sure you’ve seen her vlog already, but if not: WATCH IT NOW - I’ll wait. 

Ok, how cool was that!! Anyway, A big thanks to Kerri and her vlog post this morning - It hit really close to home for me today... And here’s why. 

This morning before work I had my eye exam - And as always I was nervous and anxious and really dreading it. 

It was cold, wet and rainy and the thought of dealing with my eye exam was worse than dealing with the weather outside. 

I go to the eye specialist religiously and without fail - But it stresses me out and brings up all sorts of issues for me - especially the whole 1 in a million thing. 
It’s a Pavlovian reaction - The minute I walk in the building my heart starts to race and the what-ifs drive me damn near crazy. 

Today was no different, but I still went - because l had to.  

And today things went really well. According to my Dr, my eyes look good - Of course I asked all sorts of questions, and he was all sorts of kind and accommodating. 
I left the exam room,scheduled my next appointment and left the building happy and relieved. And I felt much lighter and more fluid exiting the building then how I felt when I'd entered it. 

Before I drove off to work, I posted the following Status on Facebook: 

Retinas look good, pressure is normal, eyes are dilated like an anime character & I am breathing normal again.

And posted the following picture of my anime eye(s)

And my DOC/CWD friends and family (and none DOC/ CWD) gave me lots of thumbs ups and encouraging words that made me smile and laugh and yeah, tear up a bit - A few even sent texts~ Same goes for tweets. 


The fact that my friends and family who live with diabetes “get” what I was feeling and understand my fears makes all the difference to me - Good results or not so good. 
And knowing that I have a community of very real friends behind me, friends who understand, care and are supportive is downright amazing. 

Having people who not only walk in our shoes, but who also walk with us and beside us and who sometimes carry us when needed, makes living with diabetes so much easier. 

People who speak the language of diabetes without ever having to utter the D word is the gift that keeps on giving and it's pretty damn precious! 

So thanks for the gifts of your friendship, support and healthy doses of humor and snarkiness

Speaking of gifts in the form of friends, today is @Lee Ann Thill’s 35th Diaversary!!

Happy Diaversary, LeeAnn! Be sure to celebrate all the fantasticalness that is you & thanks for inspiring our community!  


Lee Ann Thill said...

I know that pre-eye appointment anxiety all too well. Breathing a sigh of relief for you today, and glad the got a good report card at the eye doctor.

And, of course, thank you so much for your kind wishes today. Every year that passes is so much easier with you and my DOC family always surrounding me with love and understanding. <3

StephenS said...

You are very brave. Just thought that needed to be said. Glad your eye news was good!

Holly said...

SO glad it went well!! We even get that way waiting for a1c. I don't know why..just that it's a report card, just like the dilation and picture of your eyes' blood vessels. SO thankful for a great report!

and I agree, DOC is awesome!! : ) Love, love. Hugs! Holly