Friday, October 25, 2013

Diabetes + Pride + Being Wifty = Me On Thursday Morning. #fact

    • Yesterday morning I woke up, made coffee, showered and got ready to go to work. 
Yesterday morning I woke up, made coffee, showered and got ready to go to work. 
And about 15 minutes before heading out the door, I filled up a new reservoir for my insulin pump - And I was pretty damn proud of myself for not leaving the house with only 5 units in my reservoir. 
Yep, I was proud, I knew what I was doing - And if memory serves me correctly, I even uttered the phrase: I ROCK! 
While I was waiting for my pump to rewind, I placed the pump on my bed and decided to be all super delicious efficient.

I went to the kitchen with my new filled reservoir in hand, tossed out the empty bottle of half and half that was perched on the counter into the recyclables; unplugged my coffee maker, grabbed a granola bar and went back to my bedroom to finish up with my pump. 
And the moment I picked up my new tubing was the very moment I realized that I had no idea where my newly filled insulin reservoir was.

I checked on my bed and under it - NOTHING. I went back into the kitchen and checked the counter and then I dug through the bag of recyclables and again - NOTHING.
I went and checked on the bathroom counter even though I didn't remember going in there - Just in case - And nothing! 
I even looked in my jewelry box because I'd gone in there to get the necklace I was currently wearing - Also, things that sparkle tend to easily distract me. 
It wasn't in my jewelry box either, but I did find the mate to an earring I'd been looking for on Saturday... so that was one mystery solved. 
Wherever that brand spanking new filled reservoir was, I couldn't find it - And I needed to get to work. 
Yeah, so much for me ROCKING.
But I didn't have time to dwell on it because the clock was ticking. 
I grabbed another reservoir; filled it with insulin, attached it to the new tubing, primed it, put on my coat, grabbed my bag and keys and high tailed it out the door. 

And yep, I felt like a total idiot & I was mad about the wasted insulin - And I knew that I was darn lucky to have plenty of backup pancreas juice on hand. 
But still, I had to laugh because it was kind of funny. 
Me being all proud and full of myself for remembering to change out my reservoir before I left the house in the morning, only to misplace the new one and waste more time in the process - Yeah, I got it together - NOT SO MUCH. 
For the record: I still haven't found that reservoir & and that granola bar I grabbed  to take to work yesterday stayed on my bed because I forgot it.
But lucky for me I had an extra one in my bag ;) 

Anyone else out there have any other "wifty" diabetes moves as of late that you'd care to share? 


BBird said...

I anticipate a bunch of them, but thus far all I've done is made the mistake of glancing at my Novolog pen and thinking there was plenty in there, forgetting that the damnable thing never empties out, and thus having to adjust me conference buffet lunch to nothing but sandwich contents and green salad. At least I amused my friend by piling up the empty buns on her dirty plate.

carlyn said...

Did you check the trash? I accidentally throw crap away all the time. Like half full bottles of insulin.