Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Of Wands Choosing Wizards & Powering Down Insulin Pumps

I sat on the plane tired and ready to go home from what surely had been the shortest trip to Orlando, ever. 
It was 9pm and the plane was filling up with sad children and tired adults  - Including this one - I'd been in an air conditioned conference room for 1.5 days, my throat was sore & it hurt to swallow and I just wanted to get home and sleep in my own bed. 

The two seats next to me were empty, until two little boys in blue shirts slid into them and immediately began fighting with one another over the iPad. 
I gave them a sideways glance that said: Figure it out or I’ll figure it out for you. 
And they did. 

I was checking my emails on my iPad and the little boy next to me kept glancing over and watching. 
I’m a “kid person” and I felt bad that I’d played the Bitch Card with them, so I leaned over and said: You boys have fun at Disney? 
And the little one said: Yeah, but we didn’t go to Disney. We went to Universal Studios and Busch Gardens and Sea World and Epcot - no princess stuff. 

Me: Wow - you guys did a lot.

Older Bro: Yeah, it was awesome!
And then Older Bro promptly went back to reading his 'Captain Under Pants' book.

Little Bro: What parks did you go to and when do you go back to school? 
Me: I’m not in school anymore and I went to Florida for work - but thanks for thinking that. I managed to hit DownTown Disney for a few hours today before I came to the airport.

Little Bro: You don’t go to school anymore and you came here for work?? 
Me: Yep. 

Little Bro: We went to Harry Potter World.
Me: I  REALLY want to go to Harry Potter World - Did you try Butter Beer? 
Little Bro: Oh yeah, it was so good! And I got a wand - It’s in my backpack.
And that would be the point where I leaned in, smiled and whispered: 'The wand chooses the wizard Mr. Potter - It’s not always clear why... But I think it is clear that we can expect great things from you~'

Little Bro’s eyes got big and he whispered back: My name is Joe - I’m 8~.
Me: Hi Joe, my name is Kelly - I’m not 8. 
Joe: Hi Kelly - This is my brother Jack, he’s 10. 
Me: Hi Jack. 
Jack: Hi. 
Joe: So you like Harry Potter? 
Me: Yep. 
Joe: Me too. 

And then Joe began talking about Harry Potter and school and how he loved to play Space Invaders and Call of Duty. 
And that would be when the little girl in the seat in front of us looked between the seat cracks and said: I love Call of Duty!
Joe just looked at me and rolled his eyes and completely ignored her. 

Soon it was time to power down all the electronics because the plane was finally going to take off in a few minutes. 
I begrudgingly powered down my iPad and arranged my carry-on bag under the seat in front of me just so. 

Joe gave me the once over, pointed to my insulin pump and said: You’d better power that down now - It’ll affect the flying instruments if you don’t. 
I smiled and explained that it wasn’t that kind of electronic - that I had diabetes and how  my belly no longer made insulin to turn food into energy so I had to wear an insulin pump to give insulin - yada, yada, yada.

Joe: Are you sure? I don’t want the pilots to have any problems.
 Me: I promise  - This is battery operated.
Joe: Oh, so it’s a battery like a triple AAA battery, not like an iPhone/ iPhone Battery  - those kinds you can’t replace and they mess with the flying instruments. 
Joe: So, the inulin turns food into energy. SOK, so how did you know you’re stomach was broken.
And this would be the point where Jack  put down his 'Captain Underpants boo'k and started listening.

Me: I got sick and I didn’t feel good and I didn’t get better so my parents took me to the doctor and they figured it out.
Joe: But how did you get diabetes?
 Me: I don’t know - But I do know that I didn’t ‘catch it’ from anyone, because you can’t catch diabetes. 

Joe looked over at his brother and than back at me and said: Ohhhh..... that’s good.
Me: Yep.

Joe: Sooooooo..... You can’t swim with that thing.
Me: It’s an INSULIN pump & yes I can. 
Joe: You can’t get electronics wet - So you can’t jump in a lake with that thing.

Me: Actually, some insulin pumps are waterproof - And the ones that aren’t you just unplug yourself from.
Joe: How do you get the plug in yourself?
Me: Through an infusion set needle - and I lifted up the corner of my shirt and showed him my infusion site. 

Joe: Does it hurt to plug it in? 
Me: Good question - Sometimes it pinches hard - other times you don’t feel it. 

Joe: Do you have to wear it all the time? 
Me: I can take it off when I swim or take a shower - but for the most part I wear it all the time. 
Joe: Do you have to watch what you eat? 
Jack: Yeah, do you? 

Sidebar: I think Joe & Bro knew more about diabetes then they were letting on.

Me: Nobody can eat whatever they want all the time without feeling sick, right? 
Joe: Right.
Me: I can eat what I want, but I try & stick with the healthy stuff & have treats every now and then. 

Joe: Why don’t you have a case for your iPad? 
Me: I do.
Joe: I mean a case that it stays in at all times, even when you're on it - So you don’t break it if you drop it by mistake.
Me: Well said and it’s on my list.
Joe: Well you should get one soon.
Me: Thanks for pointing that out  - I will. 

And then the plane started to move in earnest and Joe looked at me and said: Are you sure your insulin pump won’t damage the flight instruments. 
Me: I’m sure  - And I would never, ever put you, Jack, your family, myself  or anyone else on this plane in danger. 

Joe: I know - But I just wanted to double check. 

And then he leaned closer to our shared arm rest as the plane started to rise up - And all was quiet until we were up and flying high. As soon as we reached cruising altititude & "Fasten Your Seatbelts" sign went dim, the questions started again.

Joe: So... Do you like the Iron Man movies? I do.
Me: Yeah - I do.
Joe: What about Thor.
Me: He’s OK, but Loki's more my style~

And then we started talking Marvel Heroes  -  But that’s for another post entirely.