Friday, December 20, 2013

Diabetesalicious Lite: Winners In All Forms Edition

So First off: I've decided to extend Thursday's StripSafely giveaway until Monday because it's only been up 24 hours and the other giveaways have each been up for multiple days.  
So if you've yet to enter, go for it!

The winner of Monday's Lauren's Hope Giveaway: Christel Marchand Aprigliano
The winner of Tuesday's MediPouch Giveaway: Minnesota Nice
The 5 winners of the Lenny The Lion Giveaway: 
1. Moira
2. Alexa Brenner
3. Sarah SmartDpants
4. Pancreatastic Mom
5. NeurosurgeryNP 

Congrats to all the winners & and please email me (kellykunik(at) your contact info so you can get your loot!
To all those who entered, thanks you so much! And don't give up because the diabetesalicous giveaways are happening until the end of December~

All winners are picked by - And thank god for that because I don't need that pressure!

Third: All those awesome Lilly/Disney Books for children with diabetes and their families are now available to read on line! Read all about it, HERE

Fourth: Everyone knows that children with type 1 diabetes are special, but THIS post by Sean over at T1works reminds us just how very special siblings of CWDs are. Also: Have Tissues handy. 

Fifth: Scott over @RollingintheD writes a post all of us in the DOC can relate to, HERE. Check it out!

Sixth: The world's largest gingerbread house was constructed in Bryan Texas and it has over 35823400 calories, but I'm more interested in the carb count!! BOLUS BABY, BOLUS!

Seventh: My niece Cristin was a guest on Letterman Tuesday night and she nailed it!!! 

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Sarah/@smartDpants said...

Oh, yay! Thank you k2! Can't wait to introduce Lenny to MsDiva. :) happy weekend!!