Thursday, March 6, 2014

Arctic Vortex, Hydration, Setting The Clocks Ahead & Feeling Like The Crypt Keeper~

The actual Crypt Keeper has always scared the crap out of me (Like to the point where I couldn't watch the first few minutes of the show) and I refused to put a picture of him on my blog, Still….. This is how I'm feeling as of late~

In the seasons of spring, summer and fall I drink copious amounts of water - somewhere between between 45 and 70+ ounces a day with NO PROBLEM. 
I don’t drink soda and I actually like water - I like how it makes my body and skin look and feel. 
In the summer and fall months I drink my water with fresh mints and lemon verbena sprigs from the garden and I can’t get enough of it. 
I have dry skin to begin with and I like the way being sufficiently hydrated makes my skin look and feel - And I’m sure my internal workings of my body's cogs appreciate the hydration as well. 

But in the cold weather months and especially in this arctic vortex inspired winter, my skin is Crypt Keeper like dry. 
I use vitamin E oil on my skin (it helps) and Nude ProGenius Treatment Oil on my face (that also helps and I'm addicted to it,) year round, but I'm still lacking re: my water intake.
And yes, I know spring is just around the bend and things should hopefully get back to normal. 
Day light Savings is this Saturday, (don't forget to set the clocks on your pumps and meters ahead by one hours folks) but I have yet to see a daffodil or crocus peep out from the snow - And that bums me out!  
As is the fact that in my town, the temperature dropped down to 2 degrees in the early morning hours of March 5th (yesterday) and I woke up to frozen pipes - WTF. 

But I digress. Back to hydrating. My water intake is not what it should be because I crave everything warm in this cold
I crank up the heat and take extended hot showers, which of course make for my skin to be even drier than usual. 

I find that I'm forcing myself to drink water daily - but only about 30 ounces - And that's not enough work
I try to make up for that with herb tea and slipping in the the occasional seltzer water - but I can only drink so much of either. 

My questions to you are: How have you been keeping hydrated in this arctic vortex BS? 
Have you been using any special products on your skin? 

And am I the only one feels like the Crypt Keeper thanks to the cold weather and the lack of keeping completely hydrated?? 


Melissa E said...

I am horrible about hydrating too. I have been filling a reusable bottle so I know at the end of the day if I am drinking enough...obviously though it is still not working because you could sand wood with my hands! this winter is killing my skin! I also use Vitamin E, at night before bed, I use Badger Balm sometimes during the day and I have a lotion bar (beeswax, avocado oil, coconut oil) by the sink that I rub on my hands after each hand wash. That one seems to help a lot because it coats the skin and leaves a good barrier!

Unknown said...

I actually started using Jojoba oil mixed with my facial moisturizer at night and that helps tremendously! I have a huge issue with my hands being grotesquely dry, but a friend gave me lotion that she made herself and if I use that before bed at night,(because it's sooo oily), that helps a ton too. Once I run out of the lotion she has given me I'm going to try making it myself. I've seen countless recipes online how to make it. I'm kind of a water addict no matter the time of year or how cold out so that I don't really have an issue with. Try the Jojoba oil. I started using it mainly because I was reading that it helps with acne and it's taken care of both acne and the dry skin. I swear by it now!