Monday, March 3, 2014

#Sweatabetes: Snow & Ice Edition

The east coast was hit with the 15th snowstorm of the season today - A State of Emergency was called and my office was closed. 
After it finally stopped snowing this afternoon, I got my #sweatabetes on & went out to dig and de-ice my car with glucose tabs in hand, a blood sugar of 187 & a temporary basal rate dialed back to 60% 

Yours truly worked for an hour digging the snow out from around my car and de-icing all my car windows - which was much more difficult than shoveling the almost foot of powered snow because of my bitchy wrists. 
And every now and then I'd take a break for a few minutes and go sit in my car as it was defrosting, listen to some tunes and pop some glucose tabs even though I felt OK, I was worried about dropping fast. 

I just came back inside and my wrists feel like spaghetti and the muscles in my back, arms and neck are letting me know rather loudly that they are less than thrilled. 
Yep, my body hurts all over  - but #sweatabetes totally works - And sometimes a little to well~

My #bgnow is 66 - I just downed a juice box and have another on stand by. 

Still…. today was a good reminder to get back to the business of #sweatabetes! 


StephenS said...

Proud of you for powering through! To paraphrase yourself, you are strong in all dimensions.

Marie Smith said...

K2, winter in Chicago has turned me into a potato. Because of disability my only form of exercise is slow walking. There's snow, and ice everywhere. The few times I tried to go for a walk, I had to turn back because people don't shovel and my balance isn't good enough to deal with it. So, I've been a potato. :( You've inspired me to quit being a potato and do some winter #sweatabetes. Thanks! :)

Scott K. Johnson said...

I've burned a few too many calories via snow removal this season. I'm ready for something different! :-)