Thursday, May 22, 2014

Diabetes Brain: The Car Prose Edition~

Diabetes Brain  (When you see and or hear something that has nothing to do with diabetes and some how relate it to a thing(s) having to with diabetes,) strikes again!

My mind's crammed with facts, my 'Pages' screen a blank slate 
Notifications keep popping up on my iPad, reminding of important dates. 

Negotiating to buy a car, between conference calls
Dealing with diabetes in the middle of it all. 

Testing and correcting is a never ending loop
As is researching Kelley Blue Book values and counter offers so I don’t get duped. 

A day off from diabetes is just want I need
A day off from diabetes - to get me internal engines revved back up to full speed. 

But diabetes is by my side, regardless of the day
And unlike the car dealer’s final price on the table - I can’t just walk away. 

Diabetes has taught me to research, to differentiate myths verses facts, 
To advocate for myself and speak what’s on mind - 
Not bad advice when your dealing with car dealers “bottom lines."


Sara said...

Same. Same.

I am researching like crazy to figure out what I want to do and how much I can afford.

Why is fighting the insurance companies easier than pulling the trigger on a car?

k2 said...

Sara -
It's so much easier to fight insurance Co's than saying "I'll take the car!"
between the research & the negotiation dance,I'm going a little nuts!
Glad to hear that you can relate and good luck with the car search!!!