Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Me, Captain Cute & A Captain America Bandage!

Kids are cool and I wouldn't mind if my infusion sets were all super-hero themed!
FTR: I would love a Wonder Woman one!!

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I'd just arrived at the BBQ when my friend’s four and a half year old son ( and who for the rest of this post shall be called Captain Cute,) came running up to me to show me the band-aid on his knee.
Captain Cute: Look at my band-Aid, Kel.... LOOOOOK!!!!
Me: Captain America - THAT'S SO COOL. What you do to get a cool band-aid like that? 
Captain Cute: I fell on the sidewalk chasing my brother and my knee got blooded up.  We're waiting for it to scab up now.
Me: Blooded up....that must of hurt, yeah?
Captain Cute: Yeah.. but not so much now.
Me: OK, good.

Then Captain Cute pointed to my leg and said: Hey Kel, what did you do to your leg? 
I’d forgotten that my pump's infusion site was on my side thigh and was darn near eye to eye with Captain Cute. 

ME: Nothing - That’s my infusion site for my insulin pump. 
Remember we talked about how my insulin pump gives me medicine because my belly is broken  - The medicine turns the food in my belly into energy.
Captain Cute: But it’s in your leg!! Food goes to your belly, not your leg, Kel!
Me: The medicine in  my pump turns food into energy and it can go in my body from my legs, arms and backside too, not just my belly. 
I smiled and said: Yep, TOTALLY CRAZY.
Captain Cute: How come you don’t have a cool band-aid for it? 
Me: Good question. Sorry, but this is the only kind I have. 
Captain Cute: I could get you one of my cool band-aids - I have a lot of them
Me: Oh, I know you do. Thanks Captain Cute, but I’m cool for now.
Captain Cute. OK. Hey, guess what? Dad said we’re gonna get a Slip-N-Slide. Do you know what a Slip- N-Slide is? Have you ever been on a Slip-N-Slide? Do you like them? 
My mom doesn’t.

And the conversation about all things Slip-N-Slide as we walked towards the tables of food set up in the back yard..... and a wonderful time was had by all.


Karen said...

When I did blood work at FFL they gave sparkly silver band-aids. And they were cool!!


Brad Meter Boy said...

You are your own Captain Cute with or without a Band-Aid.

Scott E said...

I just love how you interact with kids, Kel (can I call you Kel?). And I am totally going to run on the sidewalk and fall and scrape up my knee this afternoon so I can get a band-aid like that!

Jenn said...

I love the idea of a super hero themed Band-Aid thing for our sites and sensors. It would make it so much more fun.

Meri said...

Now I want superhero infusion set stickers. Make it so, fates!


Love ya!

jcsamom said...

I love your conversations with kids! Check :)

Unknown said...

What an adorable conversation. :)

Kim said...

Ditto on Meri's comment. :)


michelle said...


Anonymous said...

Barbie, Matchbox Cars, Princesses, and neon colour band aides all live in my cabinet. How old are my kids? 21 and 18. Never lose your inner childhood.

Trip Stoner

Rhonda B said...

We have looked EVERYWHERE for Wonder Woman band aids! I'd also love me some dragon band aids. Just because.

Leighann of D-Mom Blog said...


Cool band-aids make all the difference in the world.

HVS said...

Check! Kids are so cute.

Laddie said...

I sometimes wonder why I buy boring adult bandaids. Thanks for brightening my day:-). Check!

Laddie said...

I sometimes wonder why I buy boring adult bandaids. Thanks for brightening my day:-). Check! (I hope this isn't a repeat. Your blog does not play well with comments when I go to it through Feedly)

Andrea said...


Dolores said...

So sweet ... thanks for sharing


Sean said...

Moira says we're all superheroes. And check!

Kelley said...

Aww such a cute story! I want a Despicable Me bandaid for my infusion set site! Why don't they make cute tape like that for us d-pumpers?!

Colleen said...

You are very amazing!

Mike Hoskins said...

Super-hero themed infusion sites -- love it!! And what a cute conversation with, Capt. Cute. Kids rock. Thanks for sharing this, K2. Oh, btw: CHECK. :)

Anonymous said...


It's wonderful how kids can be sometimes. What we think is a big medical deal they just ask a few questions and move on to the next topic.

I'm also seriously thinking of buying me a Slip-and-Slide.

Unknown said...

Very CUTE story. BTW, I want my superhero on my pod to be Underdog. I may be the only one old enough to remember Underdog, though. Look him up on YouTube. "There's no need to fear. Underdog is here!" :)

Oh, and here's my link to my blog for your blogroll if you'd like to add me: www.michaelcmack.com. Thanks!

Stacey D. said...

Captain Cute! You are too funny :) #dblogcheck

Sue Rericha said...

OMG that cracked out our entire family!!! Thanks for sharing, Super Hero K2! #dblogcheck

Lesley said...

I think this is why I love pumppeelz so much! And I love that kids can ask such honest questions and accept the answers so much more gracefully than most adults!

RenzaS said...

I bought some gorgeous pastel polka-dot bandaids for my daughter. Allegedly. I may or may not have used them all myself.

Misty said...

"Medicine in your butt for your belly!" Haha! From the mouth of babes.

P.S. My blog was high-jacked, so this is my new URL:

p.p.s. CHECK!

StephenS said...

Totally LOVE slip-n-slide!

Wouldn't it be cool if they did the adhesive around cannulas in super hero images?

Unknown said...

Dude. That kid is amazing.

I have NEVER thought about giving medicine for your belly in your butt.


Kerri. said...

Superhero infusion sets - YES!!!

Ilana Lucas said...

Check! I don't use bandages for my infusion set, but I'm not going to lie, I did deliberately buy a pack of My Little Pony bandages and was wearing them as recently as...yesterday (stupid toe blister).