Tuesday, July 1, 2014

On My Way To Diabetes Land - Children With Diabetes Friends For Life 2014!!

I wrote this post on my iPad 37,000 feet in the air, on 4 hours sleep & uploaded it in the Mears Shuttle on my way to the hotel-  Technology's awesome! 

I'm sitting on a plane in flight and on my way to the ChildrenWithDiabetes.com , Friends For Life conference in Orlando - And if all goes according to plan I will arrive in Diabetes Land in 3ish hours. 
Diabetes Land, a land wear green and orange bracelets reign supreme & I will be surrounded by friends who are family. 
A land where  people "get" diabetes in all dimensions,  hugs are given firefly and often, shoulders are are available to lean on and emotional batteries are recharged on an hourly basis for 6 days straight. 
I need this week on so many levels. I need this week as a person living with diabetes, as a Diabetes Advocate ( and hopefully an even better one after I attend  http://diabeteshandsfoundation.org/masterlab-for-diabetes-advocates/) as a Diabetes Mentor & as a person with diabetes in need of mentoring - 

Sidebar: Would that make me a mentoree? 

I need the laughter, the love, the learning, the letting go and the feeling of empowerment that Children With Diabetes  #ffl14 will give me.

And I can't wait! 

Also: Be sure to follow the #ffl14 & #masterlab hashtags on the twitter !! 


StephenS said...

I believe the word you're looking for is "mentee". But okay... I'll go with mentoree. It has more pizazz anyway.

Sandy said...

Hi!! I was there too!! I'm sorry we didn't get a chance to meet. This was my first FFL and I had an awesome time!!! hope u did too!!

k2 said...

Sandy - I'm so glad you made it to FFL but bummed we didn't get the chance to connect!!
Next year for sure & very much looking forward to it!!!