Monday, July 7, 2014


I just walked in the door from Friends For Life
there's a million emotions, memories and faces swimming through my head and 
a suitcase filled with dirty clothes at my feet - I kid you not.
I need to sit down, gather my thoughts & marinate on the awesomeness in all 
dimensions that I've experienced this past week so that I can actually articulate my thoughts.  
And yes, I need to do laundry.   
But at this moment my blood sugar is 90, it's almost 4pm and I haven't eaten lunch yet.
I need to eat. 
So while I'm doing all of the above, here's a picture of Mike Lawson & yours truly from the conference that was taken @ Tandem Diabetes Casino Night For adult PWDs last Wednesday night. 
Mike & I decided to go all #awkwardDprompic with our photo because that's how we roll!
Also: This photo makes me smile.  'I love to smile - Smiling's my favorite!'
And so is CWD!!!

This picture makes me laugh out loud & from my belly every time
I see it!


Kate Cornell said...

Of all the great pictures from the Tandem photo booth (and there were many, many awesome pictures), I think this is my favorite! I'm so pleased to have been able to hug your neck. Let's do it again some time!

Sue Rericha said...

I was cracking up while you two posed for this picture. I debating if I should post mine to my blog. You're even more awesome in person than you are online! (I promise not to let the secret out.... oops!)

Unknown said...

Love this picture! It was so great meeting you! Can't wait to see you again!

Laddie said...

After seeing 5 days of photos at FFL in those what I call Vikings hats, what's the story with those horns??? Inquiring minds want to know:-)

StephenS said...

Beautiful photo. How did I completely miss the photo booth? My loss, I guess. Can't wait to hear your recollections in all dimensions.

Kim said...