Monday, August 18, 2014


spent a few hours this weekend cleaning out my old car and getting it prepped to give to my nephew. In the process I found my favorite beaded flip-flops from 5 years ago shoved under the driver’s seat. And in the glove compartment I found a bag of petrified Jellybeans I’d used to treat a few lows from a few Easter's ago. 
In the console I unearthed a spare pair of cheap sunglasses, a hard-as-nails Lara bar that must have been four years old, along side a long ago roll of expired glucose tabs, Tropical Fruit flavored. 
I also found two unopened infusion sets and reservoirs.
I LOL’d when I found my D stash and my flip-flops and felt a little nostalgic. 
My car had been good to me, much better than I’d been to it - And soon I would be saying good bye to it for good. 
My ‘new to me car,’ is only two years old and is currently reinforced with the following diabetes supplies in the center console: Three infusion sets/ reservoirs, a full bottle of glucose tabs and a filled bottle of glucose bits. 
There’s also non D essentials like hand sanitizer , 2 pens and a pad of paper, 79 cents in spare change, 3 small hair clips and 2 rubber-bands, not to mention 3 dollars in freshly minted CVS Bucks and a laminated map of New York City. 
I’ve been driving my new car for a little over 2 months - And it feels like my car now - I can recognize it's idiosyncrasies and soon it will feel like it's always been mine.
Still, I really do need to read the owner's manual more thoroughly  - And I will.  
My old car feels smaller and less "Kelly like."  

I can still parallel park the old Green Goddess in one fell swoop, though (I'm freakishly good when it comes to parallel parking,) and I can't quite do that with my new car, YET. 
But soon I'll be able to parallel park The Gray Goddess (it's a gray car,) without thinking twice about it  - I won't be so concerned about nicks and scratches because I'll just be able to parallel park without thinking.   
Acclimating to a new car sort of reminds me of acclimating to a new insulin pump. 
You know how a new insulin pump works and you now how to make it work - But sometimes it takes a while for a new pump or meter to become a part of you both spacially and instinctively. 
But when you achieve pump acclimation, it happens so seamlessly that you don't even realize it - It's automatic~

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Anonymous said...

First thought - new car name could be GiGi... (Gray Goddess??)