Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Diabetes Speak IRL: Soda Talk & Real People Sick

I find myself using DiabetesSpeak in conversations with non PWDs/type 3's all the time.
I don't even think about it, the words just flow out of my mouth because Diabetes Speak has become my native dialect/vernacular.  and yours too
Then I have explain what the heck I'm saying in D Speak and people learn something - Or they think I'm weird. 
But mostly they learn something about D because they already know I'm odd, but in a good way!
So I was at my friend’s house a few weeks back and somehow we started talking about soda. My one friend drinks copious amounts of soda - like he’s addicted to soda. 
I used to be addicted to diet soda - I drank it for decades, but I don't drink it anymore - haven't since I was senior in college - FOR THE MOST PART.
Anyway, I was like: I used to LOVE Diet Pepsi and Fresca and Diet Pineapple Fanta - Don’t even get me started on Frank’s Diet Wishniak Black Cherry Soda ( they stopped producing it in 2009ish, RIP my wonderful and tasty old friend,) but yeah, I don’t drink soda any more - I’m an water/iced tea gal. 
BUT, every once in a while (and only when the temps get above 100 degrees,) I might buy a Stewart’s Diet Root-Beer in the brown glass bottle and chill it until it’s almost frozen - And then I drink the whole bottle in two minutes, flat. 
The first one is great, but the second one makes me stomach hurt and I feel gross. 
Friend/Soda Addict: That’s nuts, Kel! I can’t stop drinking it! 
Me: It was hard to give it up, but I don’t miss it anymore (except for the Franks Diet Black Cherry Wishniak,) I drink boatloads of water and when I feel like I need some bubbles I drink seltzer water (a.k.a., club soda/soda water) Black Cherry Seltzer’s my favorite. 
The only time I want/need to drink a soda is when I’m real people sick and can't stomach anything else.
And then my Friend/Soda Addict was like: Real people sick? 
Me: Yeah, real people sick. You know like down for the count because of the flu or a nasty stomach virus. Not related to diabetes or blood sugar issues, just normal old human, real people sick. See official definition, HERE. Thanks Kerri!
I always keep a few bottles of ginger-ale on hand just in case I get the flu or a nasty stomach bug  - and NO to both this year, PLEASE & THANKS TO THE FLU/STOMACH BUG GODS IN ADVANCE.   
I just feel really safe having ginger ale in my house at all times. I live alone and having it on hand means I don’t have to schlep out and buy some ginger ale when I’m hacking up a lung or laying on the couch next to barf bucket.
Friend/Soda Addict: Wow, I never thought about the whole ‘real people sick,’ thing before, but now I won’t forget it. Kel, if you do get ‘real people sick,” (and I really hope you don't,) just call us and  G or I will schlep out and buy you some ginger ale - And some matzo ball soup, too. Anything you need - just let us know. 
Me: Thanks my friend, that's great to know - and I really appreciate that. 
Also: You're such a mensch
And now I thought I'd share a moment of my childhood/adolescence that has been been burned into my brain forever!
Earworm courtesy of Patti Smith & Co - "Is it Frank's? THANKS."

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