Monday, November 3, 2014

PWD In The Wild: Angel With A Busted Pancreas At San Francisco International Airport~

Last Monday morning, as I was just about to show my ticket and board my flight back to Philly from San Francisco International, a man from the airlines stopped the woman in front of me and said: We don’t have anymore room in the overhead compartments, so I’m going to have to take your carry-on and check it. 
The woman in front of me handed over her suitcase and let out a heavy sigh of frustration. 
I looked at the woman checking the tickets and said in a mixture of both calm and frantic: I can’t check my carry-on bag, I have diabetes and my carry-on has my insulin and al my supplies in there - and my food. And I need to have access to that stuff at all times.
The woman (who shall be called Awesome Woman for the rest of this post,) grabbed my hand with both of hers and said: Don’t you worry honey, no one is going to take your bag. I have diabetes and it runs my family, I understand. They’re only checking carry-on luggage that’s you know, actual luggage at this point and you’re carrying a big old bag. 
And if anyone ever tries to take it from you, you tell them you have diabetes and don’t let them. And God bless you, baby. 
Me: God Bless you, too and thank you so much - You made me feel so much better. 
And diabetes runs in my family, too. 
Awesome Lady: I got your back honey, have a safe flight and a safe trip home - And come back soon! 
Then we hugged one another and said our goodbyes. 
And as I boarded the plane, I said a little prayer of thanks for my angel with a busted pancreas and or challenging metabolism, who had, had my back and eased my mind at San Fran International~ 
I may not love having diabetes, but I sure do love people with diabetes. 

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