Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Diabetes /SmartPhones : Change & Being Brave Can Be A Bitch. It Can Also Be Totally Bitchin!

So I was smack dab in the middle of finishing my, “Bitch of a Low, The Aftermath,” post (which I will publish tomorrow in its entirety,) when Chester, the wonderful CS Senior Apple Rep called me today - And an 1.5 hours earlier than he said he would. 

Some Back Story: I FINALLY ordered a new iPhone 6+ in September. 
It was time, I was walking around with a 3g that was on its last legs & was finicky to say the least. 
But the reason I held on to my 3G for so long was simple. I had voicemails from my mom on that phone that I couldn’t handle hearing. But didn’t want to lose them either
And nobody at Apple or AT&T could tell me if they would safely transfer to a new phone, so I held on tightly to the old phone and technology until I could deal with those voicemails properly.  

Last month I ordered my new 6+ and thought I had 4 to 6 weeks to deal with those voicemails. didn't. My phone arrived last Friday, 27 days early. 
So I listened and recorded the messages on Sunday afternoon and cried like a baby. 
But I know how lucky am to have them and I was glad that they were backed up, safe and sound. 
I was really glad that I conquered my fear of hearing those messages and I was ready to move on and move forward, so I backed up my old 3G so I could activate my new 6+. 

And that would be when the shit hit fan and I ran into all sorts of problems with software upgrades, compatibility - EVERYTHING.

3.5 hours on the phone with Apple Support, 3 different case numbers & 3 different CS Reps later, I was told by the super nice/ smart Senior CS Agent Chester, that due to the software incompatibility, my "Contacts" list wouldn’t transfer. 
BUT, if wanted to take the time and manually input my "Contacts" info over to my "Gmail Contacts" list, we could save & transfer them that way.

And that would be the point when I burst into tears and totally lost it. 
Also: I may have uttered a few choice and colorful phrases, but will neither confirm or deny. 
Chester, well Chester was just wonderful and we agreed to reconnect on Wednesday (today,) so I could accomplish what I need to do on my end. 
And true to Chester’s words, he called, we transferred the Gmail Contacts lists, apps, etc., and then Ches connected me with Joshua at At&T who was wonderful and completed the activation process. 

Now I’m good to go. 

So why am I even blogging about this? 

Good question. 
I'm writing about this because after all the stress and false stops/starts with my iPhone 6+, the thing that kept coming to mind was how much it reminded me of the anxiety when it comes purchasing and or embracing new diabetes treatments and technologies.  
As much as we want, need and deserve the latest and greatest in diabetes treatments and technologies, many of us form attachments to what we already know and fear what we don't. 

For those of you who switched from shots to an insulin pump, how long did you marinate on making the switch before you actually made decided to go for it? 

How many of you have switched up your D technology and insulin brands without any fear of the unknown? And how many have hesitated because you feared change? 

 Also, (and this is HUGE,) how many PWDs out there put off better D treatments and technologies because they CRINGE at thought of dealing with CS Reps and insurance companies throwing continual wrenches in our roads to better? 

How many of us have experienced pump purchase anxiety and the fear that a 4 year commitment means missing the latest and greatest that may or may not come down the pike? 

How many of us hesitate, if even for a moment, because we don't want to deal with all of the above? 

Finding out what works for us as individuals and individuals living with diabetes is a wonderful thing. So is having faith in ourselves and in the choices we make. 

Being brave, making that initial leap and embracing the unknown can be a real bitch at first, but it can also be totally bitchin ~

And I need need to focus on the "TOTALLY BITCHIN," part more in my life... and my life with diabetes~ 

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StephenS said...

Guilty as charged. I'm also guilty of waiting, hoping for an improvement in something before I pull the trigger to buy. Thanks for making me re-think something I was writing about today!