Monday, August 31, 2009

Pump Purchase Anxiety......And.....

OK, I did it- I talked about my Pump Purchase Anxiety and I VLOGGED about it!

First Off, I hope that by sharing about my particular anxiety, I’ll find I’m not alone. GOD, I hope I'm not alone!

And secondly- I also overcame my fear of Vlogging – it wasn’t the talking on camera part that made me nervous (I can talk to a wrong number for 20 minutes) it was the technical aspect of putting it all together that I feared. Tech fear, CONQUERED…for the most part ;)

Now there are some issues with my first Vlog- I forgot to increase the font size in the opening and it’s really tiny. I didn’t notice that fact until after I had compressed the footage and uploaded it on YouTube– I apologize. On a positive note, I learned something and will know better for my next Vlog.

Also- I was trying in doing a one shot take with no cuts, while maintaining eye contact, except of course when I looked at the screen, or the keyboard, or the cars driving by.

It's so weird to have a camera in your computer- looking at the keyboard and looking at the camera simultaneously is difficult. I succeeded for the most part, but I did forget to mention a few peoples names at one point and for that I’m TRULY sorry. AGAIN- next time it will be better.

And I'm filming outside- and it was 86 degrees and humid. AND I'm all types of sweaty!

So here’s the Vlog- let me know what you think!


Crystal said...

Hi Kelly!! You rock. Loved the post.
I want a dingo. ;-)

I don't have much to offer, it's personal preference. If you can get a new pump, have a warranty, awesomeness.

Good luck!

Nan said...

i love your vlog kelly! great job!! and...there are choices out there! i kinda feel that we were pushed to take minimed (pinky to lip...austin powers) and when our first four years were up in the spring, they wasted no time getting a new one to my daughter...but now, i'm hearing about all the other new things on the! Like you said, minimed's been fine and now it's pink, which is very important to C! but "tubeless" is sounding really great to me. i just don't know if, now, we have to wait another 4 years...good luck...keep asking questions!

Patrick McConnell said...

Great Vlog!!!
Solo Pump Looks Great,
Keep em Coming,


The Mindful Diabetic said...

OK, you must do more vlogs, you are a natural! I am with you on the anxiety thing of picking a pump. It took me 6 months to pick my first one and I have 2 years left on my warranty now, I am already stressing on which one to get next! I started on the Animas 2020 and upgraded to the Ping, which I love but tubeless pumps are really starting to look good now. It is stressful because as you point out, we have this device on us 24/7 so we want to pick the best one for us...

Meri said...

We had both animas and minimed (x3 boys) and minimed hands down was easiest to work with. The customer service was also head and shoulders above. We didn't have the ping though...when we went to diabetic camp there were all sorts of problems with the omni pods. As for the dingo, I don't like using something right out of the gate, because there are often problems that need to be sorted out after it goes to market.

But you know you, and you have to trust you! What ever you pick, it's not forever, 4 years you can choose again! Anyway, that's my 2 cents. Love the vlog, you are too beautiful!

k2 said...

To those of you who emailed me your responses to this post/Vlog- THANK YOU for the info- I really appreciate your input!

Glad u liked it! The whole VLog thing is certainly a work in progress- as is the new Pump purchase!

I"m glad I'm not alone in feeling anxious about my choice. I will absolutely keep asking questions & share the answers I receive!

Thanks for commenting and will continue to Vlog-THANKS!

I will VLog more-thanks for the encouragement!!
Glad to hear that you love the Ping-Duly noted~

Thanks for your input- especially since you and your family have been on different pumps.
Medtronic has been very good to me- a few issues here and there- but I believe that happens with any supplier

I've heard really great things about Animas's Customer Service from friends who use their pump,
My friends on the OP seem to really like it.
I believe the Medingo is going though patient testing trials before it's being made available to the public to purchase.
Knowledge is power- and I'm gaining SO much knowledge from this particular post!

jaimieh said...

awesome vlog!! :)...I had extreme anxiety picking a pump lol...I can't even pick colors of paint for the walls of the house! lol always the 'what ifs' with me...

I love my animas ping, could not be happier with the pump or company although the solo really intrigues me because you are not throwing away the pump like you do with the pod & I use quite a bit of insulin so it may not last a full 3 days of wear with me, with solo I could refill...but would never personally use it right out the gate...let them fix the bugs first haha

You'll figure it out :) ((Hugs))

Karen said...

Hurray, a vlog!!! You did great! I agree with others who said you are a vlog natural!

I still have about 2 1/2 years to go on my first ever pump, so I try not to think about having to decide what to do when the warranty is up. Just the though of it makes me anxious already.

Scott K. Johnson said...

Yay for the first K2 VLOG! w00t! I loved it!

I hope your pump purchase anxiety is simmering down a bit. I agree that it is a hard choice.

Anonymous said...

I've never vlogged before but I have a Macbook pro also. I guess I should try it! Yours was great.

My first pump was a Cozmo. I had trouble getting sites to stick and heard about the no-tubing pump, the pods were very sticky and I seemed to like it. They told me the warranty was only 18 months. Well after 6 months I started to get these awful itchy rashes from the pods. It was a nightmare. They were so itchy I wanted to rip the pods off. Apparently I was allergic to the adhesive. So around 18 months I tried to get another pump. My insurance said no because it wasn't four years yet! I had given my first pump to someone without insurance becuase at first I was extremely happy with this tubeless pump. I submitted photos and logs to my insurance and Animas. I tried to get the Animas but they refused to work with me and my insurance said no to the Animas pump. But I got minimed to work with me and my insurance. I sent them the same photos and logs I sent to Animas before. The rashes/itching got so bad I even went back on shots until I found someone who got me a minimed 712. Now I have a beautiful new *pink* pump WITH CGM that my insurance covers...minimed is definitely easier to work with. I am still a little sad Cozmo is gone though. Animas was a pain. Omnipod worked with me for at least 6 months to keep trying options to stop the skin irritations. I will be sticking with minimed for a long time. No pun intended. I'm grateful to any pump company that can get me what I need and my insurance to cover it. I am not partial.