Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Flight Canceled, Family Time, Diabetes Supplies & Gratitude~

5 minutes before my brother-in-law dropped me off at the airport last night, I decided to check my flight status again... just in case, even though I'd checked twice in the last hour. Once, right before we'd left the house, and the second, 15 minutes into our 35 minute ride to Myrtle Beach International Airport.
My flight's departure time had already been delayed twice and the weather was craptastic up and down the east coast.
And as luck would have it, my return flight home had been cancelled somewhere in those twenty minutes between checks - and just as we pulled up at "drop-off," I received an official email from the airline informing me that my flight was a no-go. 
While my BIL waited patiently in the Cell Phone lot, I stood in a long line to re-book my flight - And by the time it was my turn to go to the Check-In, I was informed that the next available flight back to the little airport I'd flown out of and where my car was currently parked, was Wednesday night. 
Seriously, I kid you not.
On one hand I was really happy to be spending more time with my amazing sister and brother-in-law because I missed them something fierce.
On the other hand, a million things were going through my mind at warp speed.
I'd have to cancel my Tuesday afternoon Endo appointment - you know, the one I should have scheduled for last month, but for some reason, didn't. 
I had work. But I could do most of it remotely. 
I was down to my last pair of clean socks and underwear and needed to do laundry, ASAP. Not a problem since my sister had both a washer, dryer and some super cute clothes if I needed to borrow shirts, dresses, etc. 

Then of course there was the whole diabetes thing - And while I waited in line, I quickly calculated the extra supplies I had in my messenger bag: 
4 infusion sets and reservoirs
1 bottle of insulin that was 3/4's full
40 test strips
1 spare pump battery
2 extra days of oral meds.

I'd be OK, but I was still worried.
For some reason, my infusion sites had only been lasting two days during my trip instead of three and I had no idea why - And I'd changed my site twice on Sunday because of a deadspot. So yeah, the fear of running out was in the back, middle and front of my mind. 
Normally, I ALWAYS travel with three or four days of backup oral meds on short trips 
( 4 days and under), instead of the extra two day supply I had with me. 

When we got back to my temporary home, I went to the guestroom, unzipped my suitcase and located the extra container of test strips I ALWAYS keep in my toiletry bag for emergencies... Except this canister was two months past the expiration date. 
CRAP - I thought I'd switched the old test strips with a new container of strips before I left... didn't I? 
Did I leave the new canister on my nightstand?  Oh God, I hope I did. 
Wait, let me think. OK, I threw out an empty container, but but did I mistakenly throw out the new test strips, too? For the life of me I couldn't remember.

I couldn't worry (FREAK OUT) about the test strips because I had no control over that situation until I got home. Nope. instead, I hung out with my family, watched "Orange Is The New Black," on Netflix & had a glass of wine.  
And when I woke up this morning, I focused on what I did have.. and what I currently had control over.
1. I was/am grateful to be spending more time with my family and turns out, they are really happy to have me stay an extra few days
2.  I was/am thankful that I have the ability and the flexibility to work remotely this week
3. I'm thankful that I was even able to book a flight out onWednesday night because the weather is reeking havoc with flights everywhere 
4. I'm grateful that I was able reschedule my Endo appointment this morning for the second week in February - And grateful that Angie at the Endo's office was incredibly understanding & put me on the top of the patient cancellation list
5. I reminded myself that if for some inexplicable reasons I needed to change my infusion site today and Wednesday, I'd still have two sets for back up. 
6. As long as I made it home Wednesday night, I'd be cool re: my orals - And if not - There's a CVS and a Walgreen's nearby.
7. And if for some reason I needed pump/test strip supplies - I am grateful for all the options I have. I can call Medtronic, checkout HelpAround app on my smart phone & put out a call to my beloved DOC.

 Yep, I'm going to take the lessons learned, live in the moment and choose gratitude. 
Because in the grand scheme of things, this is far from a disaster and I am a lucky duck, indeed~


Anonymous said...

I did not know about Helparound. What a cool idea, thanks for sharing.


StephenS said...

Great reminders! And wow, compared to me, you really back things up. Glad you got to spend extra time with important people. Be safe on Wednesday.

Oh, and my next endo appointment is the 2nd week of February, the morning after I get home.

Unknown said...

Great post! Help around is great!! :)