Monday, January 19, 2015

Time With Family & Encouraging Words ~

Because being with a person who has known you since you were born and loves you no matter what is fantastical - And home is where the heart is, not bricks and sticks~
Sunset Sisters
Kelly and Cathy. 
Last week’s extended vacation with my sister Cathy and her husband C was just what I needed to regroup, recharge and reconnect. We laughed, we talked, walked and ate great food - "it was better than Cats!" Seriously though, it was pure heaven. 
There were a few moments that were challenging with diabetes, but not too many. 
A couple of middle of the night lows after red wine and carb filled dinners, (and even after I halved my correction bolus before I went to sleep because of the red wine,) one challenging AM blood sugar and a continual guesstimation of carbs that weren’t always perfect. 
At one point, while I was calculating the carbs for our grilled french bread, cheddar and steak sandwiches & carrot and ginger soup lunch, my sister sans D, said to me: God, diabetes is like having a full time job - You’re always figuring things out - And you stay calm and seem to have a handle on it. How do you do that? 
Me: It totally is and I don’t always have a handle on it, or stay calm - TRUST ME.  
I just try my best. Sometimes trying works and sometimes it doesn’t and for all sorts of reasons. Mistaken carb calculations, dead infusion sites, skunky insulin... or just because diabetes feels like messing with me. But I try and keep on trying... one day at a time, and every day. 
Cathy: Well, you’re doing great - And I’m really proud of you and how you deal with your diabetes - And your blog, too - Keep up the great work! 
Me: Thanks, sista! 
And I might have actually blushed when she said those words and inside I was bursting with all sorts of good feelings - Because a little encouragement and acknowledgement from someone you love and respect and think the world of, goes a hell of a long way - in life and life with diabetes! 
Diabetes is always with us, even on vacation, it's a never ending and thankless and very misunderstood job. 
So when someone you love acknowledges your efforts, it makes your heart sing and it makes you try even harder to do your best. 

Now that I'm back home, I'm so grateful for the time we spent together, I miss them terribly and I'm already planning my next visit!   

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StephenS said...

I'm so glad your visit was fantastic. It's mostly my fault, but I haven't seen any of my siblings (5) in about two years.

You're right about everything you said when it comes to managing diabetes. I also find that having a good memory for the important stuff, but no memory for the crappy stuff helps a lot too. Thanks!