Friday, March 27, 2015

The Asante Snap Insulin Pump Actually Tells You How Much Insulin You've Missed.

I'm currently participating in the Asante Snap trial (Click HERE to learn how you can give it a no commitment and free try,)  and I'm really enjoying it.
One of the features I find myself utilizing most is the 'Stop Pump/Insulin Missed' features.
Everyone who wears a pump, stops/suspends it from time to time - shower, swimming, sex (or not,) etc.
Here's the difference with The Snap. When you turn it back on, it tells you exactly how much insulin you've missed during the time the Snap's been turned off.
Little things mean a lot and I utilize that feature every single day - it really surprises me how much (and sometimes how little,) insulin I've missed. It's also made me more aware of my insulin sensitivity. 

I've come to rely on 'Stop Pump/Insulin Missed' features and I've noticed a difference in my blood sugars when I make up the missed insulin with a "Now Bolus," especially after I shower. 
I've also found it extremely beneficial when I've chosen to suspend the pump during a nasty low. I take the missed insulin into consideration while monitoring blood sugars after said nasty low, in my attempts to navigate around/avoid super post low blood sugar spikes a few hours later. That's what works for me, but your diabetes may vary. 
And I like the fact that I control wether or not to bolus for the missed insulin. 
Again - your diabetes may vary and this feature allows for flexibility. 

Side Bar: "Now Bolus" basically is an instant bolus feature that unlike the The Snap's 'Smart Bolus," doesn't ask for your blood sugar & carb count. 
Side Bar 2: The Snap also has an alarm that goes off every 15 minutes once you've stopped it and until you turn it back on.

Also: If you've actually stopped the The Snap long enough to miss a Basal - it will tell you that. I haven't stopped my pump long enough for that, but it's incredibly important info to have in case that were to happen. 
Anyway, I thought I'd share The Snap's "Stop Pump/Insulin Missed" because I find the information crucial and dare I say.... very cool~ 

Full disclosure: I sit on Asante's Patient Advisory Board.
With that being said, all diabetesalicious thoughts on this blog and off, are mine and mine alone~


StephenS said...

Kelly, I loved this feature when I did the Snap trial too. Very helpful. Thanks... continue to let us know how it goes!

Sandy Brooks said...

Glad ur enjoying the trial!! Any chance that u'll switch to the snap when ur current warranty is up?? Just curious!

John said...

My brother was considering this unit...thank you for the review. I'll tell him about the free trial!