Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Wait, What's Behind That Door?

So when I travel for non diabetes related reasons, (and for diabetes related reasons, come to think of it) I always seem to find things that immediately remind me of the DOC. 
My recent trip to Delray Beach was no different~
I was in Delray Beach, Florida this past February, visiting with my family and I stayed at a grand old Historical Landmark Hotel called The Colony .
Many times over the years, I've stayed at The Colony with my mom and sister - I have good memories when it comes to The Colony - really good memories - and it's one of my favorite hotels on the planet. 
Old fashioned grandeur, daily breakfast in the atrium every morning, a band on the veranda almost every night and a well equipped bar right off the porch. 
A fab beach club & beautiful and reasonably priced rooms with a grand old Florida feel. 
Also: The Colony is smack dab in the middle of EVERYTHING. 
 And I LOVED and appreciated spending time with my extended family and saw them every day - And I even managed to break bread with of a couple of my DOC family pals. 
The first night at the hotel, I walked through the one of the grand all purpose rooms off the main lobby and saw a strange light illuminating from the door - It was magical and mystical and I thought I recognized a familiar image. 
What the heck was illuminating from behind this door? 
Wait, WHAT? 
It is!
I don't even drink Diet Coke, or any diet soda,  but of course I thought of all my
Diabetes Online Community Diet Coke fanatics (dare I say freaks) when I saw this!

And for some reason, I found this whole concept to be cool - REALLY COOL and all sorts of DOC warm and fuzzy. 
Also: *CLINK* 


Araby62 (a.k.a. Kathy) said...

Used to live in Delray - miss it so much. The Colony is such a great place eh? :)

Ahhh, Diet first true love LOL ;)

Mike Hoskins said...

I like that door. :)

Colleen said...


Scott K. Johnson said...

Best. Door. EVER! :-)

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