Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Diabetes Blog Week: Moments ~

We share so much of our lives on line, it makes sense to me that we keep some moments private to keep us relatively sane.
I share a hell of a lot on my blog - the good, the bad, and the diabetesalicious moments in my life. And I do my best to be as balls out honest re: what I share with you guys, I really do. 

I find writing about life and life with diabetes extremely cathartic - And maybe it’s selfish, but I feel better when I put proverbial pen to paper and find strength in writing and reading what others write about their D lives. 

But there are some moments that are mine and mine alone - some moments/thoughts I keep deep within and I don’t know if I’ll ever share them on the Internet - And that’s OK. 
I’m allowed to keep a few things close to the cuff when it comes to my life and my life with diabetes - So are you. 
There are other moments that aren’t mine to share with the masses, because they aren’t my stories to tell - moments told to me in confidence by others who needed an ear to listen and a shoulder to lean on - and I respect the sanctity of those moments, guard them closely and keep  them “in the vault,” forever.

In my opinion, it's those small moments that we keep to ourselves or share privately with others that allow us to give the majority of our moments so freely and straight from the heart, to the DOC - And I'm cool with that~

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Marie Smith said...

It's about balance and choices, isn't it? Choosing what we say on our blogs, how we say it, knowing it is as public as a postcard. There are things in my life I wouldn't want the world to know. They stay off my blog. I'm glad you keep a balance that fits for yourself. Keep it up.