Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Diabetes Blog Week Day 3: Just In Case

It's day 3 of the sixth annual Diabetes Blog Week and it's all about about "cleaning out."  
I'm not always neat - but I'm freakishly organized when it comes to diabetes supplies. 
Ironical because I'm a self admitted diabetes hoarder - and I have no problem admitting that. 
I have shelves in my hallway closet devoted to diabetes supplies. 
Pump supplies needles, and lancets. Extra glucose meters that were sent to me that I’ve reviewed. I keep my own test strips boxes in my desk drawer, all lined according to their expiration date and always within reach. 
I keep watch on my diabetes supplies - making sure I have enough to keep me safe - and then some -and I don’t throw anything out  - I keep everything - Just in case life happens. 
Just in case I get too many error readings on my glucose meter or have bronchitis and go through test strips like water. 
Just case my new infusion site is a dead spot and sucks figuratively, but not literally. 
Just in case I get all dolled up and wear a dress, which requires that I wear Spanx - for both my belly and as a place to secure my insulin pump. SPANX kill infusion sites - every woman who wears an insulin pump knows that. 
Just in case the sticky part of my infusion site stops sticking, or I walk by doorknob that yanks me back two feet and rips out my infusion site quicker than you can say "what the fructose!”
Just in case I’m battling a nasty cold/flu/sinus infection or a cortisone shot that requires me to quadruple my hourly insulin requirements - depleting both my longevity of my infusion site and dwindling my insulin supply. 

Just in case my insurance drops me. 

Just in case of a natural disaster that shuts my local pharmacy down for 6 months. 

Just in case my last bottle of insulin hits the tile floor before my RX is due to be filled.

Just in case is a term people living with diabetes know all to well and live with daily. 

Just in case turns us into diabetes supply collectors - luckily there’s a book for that. 

Just in case has become a diabetes fear, safety net and war cry all rolled into one. 

Just in case is a part of or lives... and our lives with diabetes. 


Unknown said...

It is easy for me to forget how dependent I am on my supplies because I have never lacked for that I need. It is scary how quickly things would deteriorate in a natural disaster, war, or other terrible scenario. I know that you have struggled with your insurance to get sufficient infusion sets. And I know how lucky I have been that so far I have always received the four boxes that my endo prescribes. I am a little fearful of Medicare but will cross that bridge when I come to it (and hoard extra boxes in the meantime.)

Susan said...

OMG - I have that book! (Complete Guide) - I really need to crack it open one of these days (on my list).

Well hey - at least I know who to seek out in case of zombie apocalypse! ;-)

Kelley said...

Yes, I am terrified that something might happen so I keep hoarding supplies and my supply cabinet is ridiculous. Hopefully nothing will ever happen, but I'm prepared if it does :)

Mike Durbin said...

Diabetes supply hoarders unite! And, Just in case you didn't know, you're awesome. Lots of love, my friend.

Bec said...

I'm so impressed at your organisational abilities!

Anonymous said...

"what the fructose" HAHAHAHAAHAHAHA!! I've never heard that and I fructosing love it... and you!! <3