Thursday, May 14, 2015

Diabetes Blog Week Day 4: Changes - Where The Hell Do I Start?

Today is day four of Diabetes Blog Week - And today's topic is all about changes in all dimensions that you'd like to see re: diabetes.
Here are my thoughts (OK, it's a rant,) on the topic of "changes," and I hope you can relate~

Changes when it comes to diabetes - where the hell do I start? 

For starters, I’d like the Diabetes Blame Games to cease. 
I’d like people (John and Jane Q Public & media folks, THIS MEANS YOU,) to get the diabetes facts instead of perpetuating the diabetes myths - regardless of the type.
Hey media - people with diabetes don’t attack, zombies do. 
Don't report about someone going into insulin shock while driving and and needing insulin - Insulin is the last thing they need and your going to end up killing someone. Ever hear of Sunny VonBulow - GOOGLE IT.
And stop with the whole “he or she suffered from a a diabetes/diabetic attack.” 
And while I’m at it, stop using phrases  “suffers with diabetes, or diabetes sufferer.” 
I don’t suffer with diabetes. I’m annoyed and frustrated by diabetes at times, but it’s part of me and if I thought of myself as continually suffering with diabetes - I’d never be able to get out bed in the morning. 
And enough with the diabetes story lines on TV and the movies that are completely wrong! Seriously, WTF. 
And while I’m on a roll - I don’t want to hear that something is “diabetic friendly." 
I don’t consider something jacked up with carbs that causes me extreme gastrointestinal distress, friendly at all. 
Here’s something to marinate on: The rift between the types will stop because we are all different branches on the same diabetes family tree and the whole blame game T1 Vs T2 and ignoring those with  LADA1.5 has got to go the way of the Dodo bird. 
 I’d be thrilled if people stopped telling me that if I just gave up all things white, I’d be off the demon insulin in 30 days - for the record you can’t cure or reverse diabetes in 30 days - if it were that easy none of us would be blogging about diabetes and Pharma would lose a valuable cash cow. 
Speaking of Pharma, I’d love it my insulin expenses, pump supplies, and test strips (with insurance btw,) didn’t equal a God damned Mercedes car payment every month.
Speaking of insurance, they don’t make generic insulin, I need that shit to live, so stop charging an arm and a leg for  one freaking bottle of my elixir of life!
And reality check, 10X3 does not = thirty days worth of insulin pump supplies. 
Also, I can’t effectively maintain good blood sugars if you only allow me to test 3 to 6 times a day. 
And speaking of the cure - If I one more Dr./Organization says we’re 5 to 10 years from the cure, I will go so damn Jersey on them and they won’t know what hit them. 
My list of changes could go on, but I don’t have all day and neither do you. 
So yeah, I want changes when it comes to diabetes - and between you and me - it’s up to us, as people living with diabetes to make those changes happen.

Together, we need to yield our collective super powers and be the change - And I know we can do it! 


Kelley said...

Great list! I agree with everything 100%

Richard's Rambling Review said...

Very powerful post, Kelly. All those pent-up emotions, and on your birthday. Wow! I'm glad you let it all out. I should do that too, now and then. I do agree with all the you said. Nice blog!!

Susan said...

Woot!!! Well said! Now go run it off on the beach!

Seriously tho. All of what you said.

If I hear one more damned Celerion Trial ad stating "Are you over 35 and healthy, or over 35 and diabetic?"

Damn it - I'm over 35, consider myself healthy AND have diabetes!!! So there!

Laddie said...

If passion could cure diabetes, you'd be the answer to all the promises of "in five years."

Great post, Kelly.

Mike Durbin said...

Great post, Kelly! And a very Happy Birthday to you as well, my friend. Lots of love!

Bec said...

Love it so much
Back up on the soap box and telling them how it is!
Completely agree :)

Katie said...

Yes! Awesome post, Kelly! I completely agree!

Anonymous said...


Frank said...

Love this post, and the fact that you've poured all your diabetes related thoughts/emotions into it. Amen!