Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Lost In Sinus City

Sinus City, as in real people sick since last Thursday, which was also my birthday. 
I'm talking sick in the head - As in head so clogged I can barely hear and coughing so much from the dreaded post nasal drip that the back of my head aches from my brain continually rattling in my skull. 
I think I pulled a muscle in my lower abdomen from coughing and every time I try and rest, my head needs to be propped up on a 90 degree angle. 
If it’s not chicken matzo ball soup with sriratcha or popsicles, I don’t want to eat it, and the antibiotic I was put on last Tuesday doesn’t seem to be doing much of anything 
All I want to do is sleep and I’m tired of feeling this way. 
Up until 2008, I never suffered from allergies or sinus infections and this Spring has been the absolute worst by far. I’ve become a person who constantly carries tissues in her handbag, keeps a box of tissues in her car and is generally miserable unless she has antihistamines at her disposal at all times - and even then I still feel and sound like crap. 
Luckily, the laryngitis that arrived on Thursday, departed this morning, but my normal voice has not returned. Basically I sound like a man, baby.  
Or as various family members have told me: I sound like Brenda Vaccaro in those tampon commercials from the 1980s. LOVELY. 
Sidebar: My siblings, cousins and I watched way too much television when we were kids. 

Appointment with an ENT Thursday morning and hoping that I will be better by then. 
So far, diabetes has played nice - Actually, diabetes has been a walk in the park compared to whatever war that has erupted and continues to reek havoc with my sinuses.

Today I'm trying to catch up on everything I missed in my Sinus City haze and come hell or high water, I will be blogging in full swing tomorrow - But wanted to update you regarding my lack of posts, lack of energy and being lost in Sinus City


Unknown said...

Feel better soon and hope the ENT has some solutions for you. Real people sick is no fun and sinus infections like to overextend their welcome.

Unknown said...

Hope you feel better Kelly, I know my car was covered in pollen before leaving Philly wonder what it will look like when I get back on the 23rd

StephenS said...

Kelly, I hope this comment finds you all better. It sucks getting sick, and it's even worse when the weather is nice. Hope you're 100 percent soon.

Unknown said...

Hi Kelly! I'm with you -- literally. I thought I had wicked allergies, tried antihistamines to no avail, and I finally caved and went to the doctor.

Even though it's past flu season, he took a test anyway, and it came back negative. Headache, fever, cough, oh my! What's a dr. to do? He gave me Tamiflu and Tylenol and said "off to bed with you." That was on Monday. I still feel like garbage -- ah, modern science.

Thanks for your post about the ice pops. Should help my throat. Difficult to eat when you feel like crap, right? Enjoyed your blog.
FEEL BETTER, KELLY! -- Kathy from