Friday, December 18, 2015

Colgate Total's #30DaysOfLOL - It's A Wrap!

As ColgateTotal® and The American Diabetes Association’s  #30daysofLOL comes to an end, I’ve had a lot of fun  - and I’ve also been continually reminded of certain constants re: living the D life, and learned a few important lessons in the process. 

The Constants 
Humor: Coping with diabetes is a lot easier when you can laugh - Humor is what keeps me sane when diabetes is on the edge of driving me bonkers.
Community: The DOC (Diabetes Online Community,) is who keeps me sane when diabetes is on the edge of driving me bonkers.
Type 3’s matter: People who love someone with diabetes (Type 3s,) lighten our load and make us smile.
Every Diabetes Voice Matters: Keep using yours! 

The Lessons
  1. Sugary snacks are not the best for our teeth - OK, I already knew that - but I tend to selectively block that fact out every now and then and for many reasons, namely chocolate and caramel 
  2. People with diabetes are at twice the risk for developing gum disease. 
These facts scare me because I worked in a Dentist’s office for a time and I saw things that brought the above facts to life, and I want my teeth and gums to stay healthy for two reasons
  1. Vanity, maintaining my healthy smile
    B. My overall health, knowing I am at a higher risk for serious gum problems because of diabetes. 

3. I brush my teeth a lot  - I even carry my own toothpaste - but I didn’t know that brushing for two minutes at a 45 degree angle, every time we brush our teeth is important

4. Also, I didn’t know that 2 minutes worth of brushing is about the length of a pop song (SEE VIDEO,) or that t3 Joey Fatone’s Dad has diabetes. 

Sidebar and FTR: Joey Fatone still has mad Robot, groovy dance moves. Again - SEE VIDEO.

So to all those who participated, posted, liked, tweeted, retweeted and shared in the #30DaysofLOL fun - THANKS from the bottom of my busted pancreas!

ColgateTotal® and The American Diabetes Association thanks you too!

ColgateTotal® has created the #30DaysofLOL Word Game graphic below so you can continue getting your silly on~

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